How and what can i study for the SAT?

well im a sophomore now, and i wanna start getting ready for the SAT. what material should i study and how long should i study daily?

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    To study about the SAT or to study to raise the score, there are courses offered with instructors at or near universities and colleges where you may be planning to attend. You also may enroll in a class that will prepare you for it in your high school or the adult program for preparation to obtain a higher SAT score. Those courses will offer personal attention with an average of 8-10 students per class, instructors, review methods and strategies, strategies, extra help from your instructor, proctored SATs, with analysis of the results, practice tests for the SAT and PS AT, a study manual, live graders and feedback, drills on line, and a guaranteed score. There costs will be $250 and above.

    There are on-line preparation methods as well. The College Board itself offers one with a test book for about $70. There also are others with the cost of $1,000 and above.

    There are private SAT tutors: available at $100 to $300 per hour with overall cost from roughly $5,000 to $15,000.

    Furthermore, there also are SAT preparation books available in any good bookstore or on the internet where you can study on your own for about $70. The choice is yours.

    Source(s): The College Board is available: By using the search term, Study Methods SAT, other methods of studying for the SAT will be made available.
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    The best way to study for any standardized test is through ridiculous amounts of practice. Get yourself either the Princeton Review or Kaplan review books and take it slow since you're just a sophomore. I'd start kicking up the study habits the first semester of junior year. Don't overdo it though...too much studying can be bad with this test.

    Hope this helps.

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    Best way is to get a SAT book. I do NOT reccomend Barron's.

    Listen in class too. Suff you learn in math and english now can actually help you.

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