PHARMACY MAJOR HELP PLEASE? (Mainly needing clarification...)?

I didn't make it into St. John's PharmD program but they recommend that I apply for a different program or major because "my academic record of achievement qualifies me for serious consideration for admission to other programs". So can I do my 2 years undergrad for pharmacy at this school then transfer to pharmacy school at a different university because they said once i switch my major i can't transfer back into the PharmD program. -__- So is this possible? Or do I have to do my 2 year undergrad at the same university as the pharmacy school? Would I have a higher chance transferring into Pharmacy school if it was at the same school or does transferring from a whole different school hurt my chances into making it into Pharmacy school? Does it even make a difference?! Should I just be worrying about my grades from those 2 years as making an impact on my acceptance into pharmacy school or does transferring from a different school really make a difference? Oh and I plan on working really hard on keeping my GPA up when I do do my 2 years undergrad if that helps with your answers. THANK YOU!

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    1 decade ago
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    personally, i dont think gpa really matters to st johns. i got accepted to St Johns PharmD program fall 2009 but my gpa wasn't that great but my sat score was really good.

    but it might be also beucase i come from a top ranked high school in NJ.

    you can do two year undergrad PRE PHARM at a school and then apply to the graduate pharmacy at the same school if they have

    a lot of people usually transfer to another shcool.

    plus if you do prepharm you have to take pcats.

    i would think you have a higher chance at getting into the school you already attend to.


    i think you should apply to other 0+6 pharmacy programs.

    it's much easier.

    try ACP, URI, northeastern, USP and Rutgers.

    good luck

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  • Right
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    1 decade ago

    Keep your grades up and get Take classes you need that are transferable. Talk to a adviser at both schools. The biggest problem of taking class's at one college and switching to another is having enough course's to fill Financial aid in the remaining 3 years of your college time. Grades are important.

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    4 years ago

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