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an / a / the 點分? (10分)

an / a / the 點分?




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    a means one

    For countable nouns that DO NOT BEGIN WITH VOWEL SOUNDS

    It is about the vowel sound, not only the vowels.


    1) It is a table. We use " a".

    table = ta ble= tei bl table<-- begins with tei ( sound) not a vowel sound , so

    we have to use " a".

    2) He is a university student.

    university <-------- begins with a * JU* sound , not a vowel sound,

    so we have to use " a".


    Words begin with VOWEL SOUNDS. We have to use" an".


    1) It will take an hour to go there from here.

    hour <-------- h ( is a SILENT SOUND), so

    hour begins with a VOWEL SOUND.

    2) He is an honest man.

    honest <----------------- h is a silent sound too, so

    we say " an honest man".

    3) This is an apple.

    apple begins with a VOWEL SOUND. DJ: [


    ] <-----------


    How to use " the"?


    1) I want to eat the apple on the table, mother.

    Which apple do you want to eat?<-----------------

    the <---指定 apple on the table.

    2) For some places, we put " the" in front of them.

    The Great Wall <----------------萬里長城

    The Yellow River <----------------黃河


    -I am on the phone.

    -I need to go to the toilet.

    - He likes to play the piano.

    - In the meantime其間 ( phrase)

    - He is the best. best = the superlative of " good"

    - He is the most handsome man on earth.

    I suggest you read more in order to find out how these articles 冠詞 are used.

    Good luck!

    PS: You may always ask me questions in your email.

    I am not here for points.


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    the sun, the moon, the earth, in the world, the universe, the shy

    directions: the east, the west, the south, the north

    mountains: the Alps, the Himalayas

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    THE SKY****************

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    the 係指定一樣野

    用於特別指明某物件或某人物 , 而談話中的雙方都知道所指的是甚麼

    而 AN: A,E,I,O,U A (同你所講一樣)

    A/ AN : 用於說明某事物或某人物

    在下列情況切勿用 the :


    eg. I watch television a lot.

    但 ... Can you turn off the television ? ( = the TV set )

    breakfast / lunch / dinner :

    eg. What did you have for breakfast ?

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    a--- 某一件物件

    an---某一件物件的English串法前有a ,e,i,o,u

    the ---指指定的物件

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