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野豬 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

問一下panda car的由來

我知道panda car是從英國衍生過來的!

panda car就是英國的黑白色警車!


請問當初取panda car的人是誰?


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  • 莎莎
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    1 decade ago
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    Panda car

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    For the civilian car, see Fiat Panda.


    A modern panda car of the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary

    The phrase panda car refers to a small or medium-sized police car operated by British police forces. They are used for ordinary patrol work, with larger and more powerful vehicles being used for emergency response, Road Policing Unit duties and as Armed Response Vehicles

    History of the term

    Panda cars were named after pandas because they were originally painted with large panels of[ black and white, or blue (usually light blue) and white.]

    The first use of Panda cars seems to have been in Lancashire Constabulary area in about 1965, the Chief Constable described the use of blue and white Ford Anglia Panda cars in Kirkby in an article in The Times on 26 January 1966. These were blue with a white line painted around them. In 1967, the Dunbartonshire force bought two Hillman Imps (subsequently nicknamed "Pinky" and "Perky") for escort duties on the A82 road; one blue and one white. The boot lids, bonnets and doors were then swapped to create a panda car style scheme.[1]

    In the 1980s police cars in the UK began to be ordered in white to save acquisition costs, usually with orange or red "jam sandwich" reflective stripes. Today, patrol cars are painted in a variety of different colours, often with multicoloured Battenburg markings or stripes, although many forces still use a mainly white colour scheme. The name panda car or panda is still often used.

    這是Wikipedia對panda car來源的說明,因最初車子被漆以黑-白,藍-白而得名。該名稱第一次被使用是1965年英國Lancashire郡的地區警察。1966/01/26該郡警長正式啟用於警車。

    2009-01-01 09:43:41 補充:


    一、請問當初取panda car的人是誰?

    該名稱【第一次被使用是1965年英國Lancashire郡的地區警察。1966/01/26該郡警長(人名未提及)正式啟用該panda car名稱於警車】。

    二、他為何要這樣取 ?


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  • 1 decade ago




    不然我不知道panda car的由來!



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