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Is Adelphi, MD a safe place to live?

I'm moving there with my wife to work at the Army Research Lab, and I don't know anything about the area. We're coming from the West Coast. Where should we live?

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    haha ok, well not really, i live in Hyattsville, which is next to Adelphi. my best friend lives there, and i was just there about 10 minutes ago. it's literally down the street from me.... ok you don't have to know this.

    anyway, it's not as bad as people think/say. we exaggerate. it IS in prince george's county which is notorious for crimes. but not in hyattsville or adelphi or college park. if you're not an idiot and walk around the streets at 3am flautning all your gadgets, you'll be fine. no one breaks in, unless you open your door wide open all day and all night (which is unsafe ANYWHERE.)

    it's not as nice as bowie, or rockville, or silver spring. but i like it. so close to DC, University of MD is RIGHT THERE, metro accessible, there's PG mall, there are movie theatres...

    the only downside i guess is the local public schools. i went to a private Catholic school partly because the local high schools in PG county really stink. but that's an outsider's point of view.

    hope this helped! really, adelphi is a good, safe, quiet community.

    edit: yeah i just read that you're moving with your wife. well, if you are planning on having kids, maybe look into college park, or bowie, or beltsville. (still in PG county)

    but if you want to move to another county, preferably MONTGOMERY COUNTY. that's where all my friends live. nicer malls, MUCH MUCH BETTER LOCAL HIGH SCHOOLS, definitely safer (i mean, kids can walk up and down the streets without being creeped out easily.. haha). it's like the epitome of suburbian America.

    all i'm saying is, if my parents had the means, i would have preferred it if we lived in Silver Spring or Rockville. and oh, the houses are generally bigger, that in Adelphi or Hyattsville (coz they are farther form the city - cheaper than the ones closer)

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    Adelphi Md

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    Adelphi, MD is in PG county.. which is rough in general. I would suggest Silver Spring, MD or areas in Montgomery County (which is really close from Adelphi). Another option is Laurel Lakes (about 10 mins from Adelphi-- no traffic if you take the back road.,

    Try to avoid Langley Park, Takoma Park, College Park. If you have time try to use this:

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    I don't know much about Adelphi, because I live in Virginia. I do know that Prince George's County is the most violent county in the DC suburbs though, so you might want to take that into consideration.

    I'd look into Silver Spring, Chevy Chase, or Bethesda which are much nicer areas and not too far away...

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    I would suggest Columbia. Columbia is very safe, and was ranked the 4th place to live in in the whole U.S. Good luck!

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    Nowhere is safe. Sorry, babe.

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