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degrassi season 8 characters?

everyone is saying that the new degrassi season (season 8) has 8 new characters. can anyone name all 8 characters?

thank you!

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    K.C. Gunthrie - [cute new kid that transferred from a different school]

    Alli Bhandari - [Sav's little sister]

    Clare Edwards - [Darcy's little sister]

    Connor - [Snake's grandson]


    Blue - [Holly J.'s crush]

    Leia - [Mia's new friend]


    Riley Stavros - [new football player and sports jock, gay..maybe]

    Smithdale University Student:

    Kelly Ashoona - [Emma, Manny and Liberty's new roommate at Smithdale]

    I love this show soo much I am committed them all to memory! haha

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    i'm hoping that is derek he infrequently ever gets air time,, plus it may be saucy if Danny and Derek attached! Somethings a sprint off approximately the two one in all them, their a sprint too close in case you be conscious of what i propose ;)

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