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Hollywood had been preparing us for a president like barrack obama now is hollywood preparing us for a female?


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I am not in need of preperation for anything. i do not vote. So, please exclude negative biggoted answers please

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    I don't believe that Hollywood created scripts with black or women presidents in an attempt to prepare us for the day when such an occurance developes in real life however I do believe that Hollywood has become much more responsible with showing minorities in roles where they are quite competent with their position.

    In the hit series, 24, they had two black presidents who were very believeable and very competent. In the short lived series, Commander In Chief, Geena Davis played a very competent president. These shows may have unwittingly prepared some of us for minority presidents but I do not believe the major intention was to make us cringe or rejoice - I think that it intention was to say that anybody, regardless of race or gender, can be competent in their jobs - even if their job is the president of the Unites States of America.

    Colin Powell was a very competent General. Thurgood Marshall was a very competent US Supreme Court Justice. Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman are very competent actors. Why couldn't a black man be a competent President?

    Dr. Condoleezza Rice became the 66th Secretary of State on January 26, 2005. Senator Hillary Clinton has been very successful in law and in the Senate. Both are competent women. Meryl Streep and Glenn Close are both accomplished and competent actresses. Why can't a women be a competent president.

    My point is that by being responsible and giving these minorities roles which reflect real life competencies, they have also prepared us for minority presidents without having that as their main objective.

    It is called progress.

    Thank you for a great question.

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    Many TV shows and movies have already had female presidents.

    Geena Davis had a TV show like that. She played the president, I liked the show, but it got canceled.

    Quite frankly, a TV show about a female or minority president should never have been just a fantasy.

    The most qualified person should have always have been the person elected, but that is not the way it has been.

    I hope, finally we are in a place where any man or woman who is qualified can be president.

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    I don't think that hollywood is preparing or prepared for anything other than botox....prescription overdoses and people that are completely out of touch with reality......these "people" are sheltered and protected and insulated from the modern horrors of everyday life....they forgot who they are and where they came from....they couldn't relate to you or I if they tripped over us..and that is sad....because by the slight of hand or a twist of fate any one of them could be working for $2.13 an hour in Red Lobster...or Denny's ....just as easily as you or to imply they are preparing us for anything is nuts...I just want decent movies out of them..then I want them to crawl back into their sheltered existence and shut the hell up about politics....because they don't speak like you and I...and the certainly can't or shouldn't speak for you and I....actors should act and not preach to the lower caste folks that actually want to purchase a theater please holly weird..shut the "F" up........

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    You could also ask if Hollywood is doing their part to prepare us for alien attacks, bar fights, demerits for cussing and/or ugly men having sex with picture-perfect, gorgeous women.

    Source(s): Someone who works in the biz...
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    Why would you need to "be prepared" for a Black or Woman President? Are you living that sheltered of a life?

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    Possible as long as she is a Far Left Social Progressive

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    Hollywood just wants the most far-left person in the job. That's why they opposed Hillary and went for Obama.

    They don't care about color or gender. It's a strict ideological limit test: left? check...far left? CHECK CHECK

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    Yes, we are now letting Hollywood dictate political policy.....let them pay more taxes for the privilege.....

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