Israel dropped over 100 tons of Bombs on Palestine today. Is it justified?

Consider the origin of the conflict when it started in 1948.

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    No.Palestinians are Arabs.Israel should quite occupying the West Bank and Gaza strips -they already conceded them to the Palestinians-quite buldozing, killing, raping and stealing more land for settlements and buffer zones WITHOUT enumeration-LEAVE OR DIE attitude towards the Palestinians.These are poorly armed or no arms at all civilians with a government not strong enough to protect them, thus the last resort to prevent total annhilation-the terrorists-they are not right, but a desparate measure.

    The British occupiers decreed the Palestinians(Arab Semitic White) should give the Jews(Semitic Whites closely related to the Arabs), displaced by the Nazis, half their land to make Israel.In 1936, several Jewish groups such as Etzel (Irgun) and Lehi (Stern Gang) conducted campaigns of violence against British military and Arab targets. This prompted the British government to label them both as terrorist organizations. The British and other countries armed , organized and assisted the Jewish terrorists(before 1948, that is what they were called), to overthrow the Palestinians. Quite literally, the Jews did to the Palestinians what the Nazis did to them-leave or die-there was NO payment-leave or die.This is STEALING, and, in many cases outright MURDER..The Israelis are still doing this in the West Bank and Gaza strips even though they conceded them to the Palestinians.So why do they remain, bulldozing houses, and many times, killing unarmed Palestinians and STEALING even more land for buffer zones-again, leave or die-NO payment-leave or die? Can you justify why the Israelis are doing this?Just how would YOU react to someone aggressively taking your land WITHOUT renumeration, even raping, brutalizing, and killing your, most times, unarmed/ poorly armed families and your government is not strong enough to protect you?

    Perhaps the British should suggest the Americans give half their land back to the American Indians-leave or die-Oh, wait, that is what they did to the Palestinians-bad move-I can guarantee, you would not give up half your land without a fight, even if the government could not protect you.The shoe is now on the other foot-the Palestinians want half of Jerusalem-now the Israelis refuse.

    If true Peace is to be achieved they must recognize each other's right to exist and to SHARE, not divide, JERUSALEM as a capital. At any rate, the Arab population, including in Israel, is growing much faster than the Jewish population. Within 30 years, maybe a little less, Israel will be a Jewish country with a majority Arab population-then what?Next, the Nazi Jews(not all) will move to Phase II, gas the Palestinians.

    The Palestinians had homes to come to, electricity, food, water- all cut off by Israel, then the Israelis provide the barrist of essentials under so called humanitarian aide-they should leave the West Bank and Gaza strips-the Palestinians were doing fine WITHOUT THEIR HUMANITARIAN AIDE. Jesse how do you propose the Palestinians protect themselves from the Israeli invading murderers and land thieves, for that is what some, not all, are-forget political politesness, that is what some, not all, are.

    EDIT: To the thumbs down, you only have to view the news-Israel is occupying and taking Palestinian land-it is NOT the other way around-again , this is exactly the scenario the Nazis used on the Jews-LEAVE OR DIE and that is what the Jews are doing to the Palestinians with buffer zones and new settlements-DENY THAT-you simply can not.If the Israelis want to use God and the Bible, read Revealations-the city on the hill(that's Israel) will be brought to her knees for her indiscretions-the only thing I know of bad enough to do that is Israel's mistreatment of the Palestinians.ALTHOUGH NOT RIGHT, THE TERRORIST GROUPS ARE THE ONLY THING PREVENTING THE ISRAELIS FROM TOTALLY ANNIHILATING THE PALESTINIANS AS IS THEIR GOAL. How would YOU deal with someone occupying your land, stealing it (no ENUMERATION), killing your family,cutting off power, food, water,electricity-the Palestinians need to survive and are responding the best they can-why does Israel continue occupation-leave, then they would have a right to attack, but they are the aggressors.

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    And the hamas rocketeers who fired the 180 rockets from "civilian neighborhoods" into Israel are to blame for inflaming the situation. If it's war hamas wants, they shouldn't complain about casualties. If it's peace, they should show the world by laying down their arms first. And if the arabs in Gaza don't like suffering at Israel's hand, they could always emigrate to the countries of their beloved arab brothers around them like syria, jordan turkey and egypt. I'm sure that they would be welcomed with open arms and granted political asylum out of the love and charity that other muslims have for them. Or maybe their muslim brothers won't let them emigrate and are using them as pawns to provoke israel and inflame the situation by fueling the conflict with weapons and hate.

  • NJ
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    Absolutely, the Palestine people are innocent victims here as well as Israel. The people and the President Abbas should have the control of

    his people, but has allowed this terrorists group Hamass to fire rockets and missiles into Israel for years.

    Israel has given Hamass every opportunity to stop the Missiles and rockets attacks. Hamass has prompted this war, Israel has given them time after time to stop the attacks.

    Now Egypt and Saudias are taking pity on Palestine's and opening their borders. Of course they say they have taken pity. It wasn't that long ago when Hamass forced the Palestinians into Egypt knocking down their barriers, Egypt could not wait until they went back where they came from. Never trust Egypt.

    They have never been their for Israel. Why hasn't Egypt, Saudia Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, and Iran, why hasn't these countries offered land for the Palestine's??

    Stop and think, what if another country or just the terrorists were shooting rockets into your country for years what would you do?

    The Jewish people are so traumantized, they have drills everyday to train in what to do incase of major attacks. I think Israel has been forced into this war.

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    Yes, Israel is justified in killing terrorists who have been shooting rockets into Israel trying their best to kill every Israeli.

    This war did not start in 1948. Muhammad started this war about 1400 years ago when he began invading surrounding Jewish areas and demanding they pay a special tax to him and his thugs unless they converted to the false religion muhammad started to enrich himself and his pagan arab friends. Since then, muslims have followed this example set by muhammad, their false prophet.

    When the "palestinians" voted for hamas they declared themselves to be allies with terrorists. They deserve worse than Israel has done so far, and I hope Israel solves the problem this time.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well if you are going to launch rocket attacks on Israel, Israel is justified in giving a harsh response.

    Totally justified and expected.

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    Both Israel and Palestine need to spend time on the Naughty step until they realise what they are doing is wrong!

    Kind regards


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    yes it does make sense did you know that they are the ones that originally fixed that land and made it green and did all the work for the other people to jump on it an d claim it theres. isn't thta the pits you need to get a grip and read what is going on in the world from the beginning. they are the ones that irrigated and made the gaza strip what it is today and then palisteinans want it sure i dont' blame them but they didnt' do it and now its been part of the fight.

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    If people bombed your country would it be justified to bomb them back? Why is Israel the exception? Why is it that only Israel can't defend itself? The formation of Israel of a Nation is nothing short of a miracle, and was prophesied by God.

  • Anonymous
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    It is justified as the fact that they killed so many Hamas murderers will prevent thousands of deaths in the future. More tomorrow is expected unless Hamas does one simple thing. Stop firing missles at the children both Arab and Israeli.

  • Ben J
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    The world is weary of these claims and counter claims. Both sides are wrong for killing the innocents.

    But the truth is we really do not care what a couple of Semitic tribes do to each other. They seem to love the killing and the burials and the appeals to the world community to see what they other side has done to them.

    We do not really care any more. Go sort it out between yourselves.

    If you can't then die.

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