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What is the theme of the Carnivorous Carnival?

I really need this answer please. I have a book report due and i just can't figure out the theme at all. If you can. can you please put it in a sentence? And please do not tell me to go on Wikipedia or something because i have been on every book website known to man in 2 hours searching for the bloody theme if this bloody wonderful book !!!!!!!!! thank you ♥

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    I dunno what you mean by the "Theme" but I'm pretty sure you mean what it's about. Ok, so. . .

    The story begins where the Baudelaires are listening to Count Olaf and his troupe. They talk about a woman named Madame Lulu. Madame Lulu has told Count Olaf where the Baudelaires are hidden each time they move. Count Olaf and his troupe depart the car and Baudelaires then make it out of the trunk of Count Olaf's car through some clever lockpicking on the part of Violet Baudelaire. The orphans decide that they must be disguised, so they listen in on Madame Lulu's caravan in Caligari Carnival where she works as a fortune-teller. They hear her explain to Olaf that her carnival needs more customers and that they may close. They also recognize the accent of Lulu, which is the same accent Olaf used when disguised as Gunther.

    They return to the car and use Count Olaf's disguises. They disguise themselves as freaks for the carnival's House of Freaks. Sunny Baudelaire wraps herself in a beard (the beard Count Olaf used when he disguised himself as Stephano, a lab assistant, earlier in the series.) and goes as a wolf/baby. Violet and Klaus Baudelaire stuff into one large shirt as a two headed person with highly differing voices. They knock on the door and Madame Lulu answers it. She is a woman in a robe of different colors, and has a chain with an eye. She also has the same turban as Count Olaf used as he disguised himself as Coach Genghis. They ask to be freaks in the carnival and Lulu asks for their names. Violet quickly comes up with fake names. She states that her name is Beverly, Klaus's name as Elliot, and Sunny's as Chabo the Wolf Baby. She accepts them after a humiliating act for Olaf and the troupe and leads them to a caravan with three people inside. Colette is a contortionist, Hugo is a hunchback, and Kevin is a seemingly ordinary person who is ambidextrous.

    The next morning the Hook-Handed Man knocks on their door and says to hurry up, and that when Olaf asked the question Is one Baudelaire parent still alive? to the crystal ball, the answer was Yes and that they are up in the Mortmain Mountains. The freaks get ready for the show and walk into a tent with a few people in it. After some rude acts, they return to the caravan and sit on the steps. Olaf arrives with a pack of lions for a lion's pit will be made. They will then select a freak and push them into the pit.

    The orphans go back to Lulu's tent to consult her, and discover the V.F.D. symbol on the outside, a secret archival library under the tablecloth, and that the act of her fortune-telling is just some ropes and pulleys. In their interest with the library, the tablecloth shakes loose Lulu's crystal ball and it shatters. Lulu comes back in angry, but the orphans are unafraid, knowing that she gets all her info from the secret library while the guests are amused with a load of bells and whistles. Lulu breaks down and throws off her disguise, revealing herself as a woman named Olivia who just wants to give people what they want. She is revealed as a member of V.F.D. and tells them about the V.F.D. disguise kit and a schism which happened in the V.F.D., pitting former members against each other but she is unsure as to how the schism had started in the first place. Violet notes that the crystal ball has a fan belt that could be used to power the cars from the nearby roller coaster and that the orphans and Olivia could use it to escape to the Mortmain Mountains. Olaf comes, Lulu gets a new crystal ball, and everyone puts on their disguises. The orphans are shooed out, and go back to the caravan.

    Debate ensues on who will be thrown in relating to their freakishness. That night Esmé Squalor comes to their caravan in an I Love Freaks outfit. She tells them that if they are picked to be thrown in, that they should throw Madame Lulu in instead. If they do that they will be part of Count Olaf's theater troupe. The next morning the Baudelaires go and get the coaster carts ready. They return to the tent and Olaf comes out with an evil smile on.

    As the day comes, the audience begins arriving, and in any civilized society they would be regarded as bloodthirsty, sadistic maniacs. One woman is shown to be the reporter who broke the story that the Baudelaires were murderers that killed Count Omar. Olaf dramatically unfolds a paper that will show who is to be devoured by lions, and the orphans are picked. They use their knowledge on crowd control to lead the argument away from final bloodshed. A fight ensues on who will push them in, and Madame Lulu along with the fanbelt and one of Olaf's associates (the long nosed man) fall in to a bloody spectacle.

    The Baudelaires go to the tent and find a map of the mountains with a stain on it. Olaf and Esmé walk in and Olaf states that the stain on the map means that the secret base is there. Olaf gives the Baudelaires a torch and says that they are burning down the camp and Baudelaires burn the tent. The orphans

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