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need help understanding city police department websites?

i'm going to become a police officer one day but i still don't know what city i should work in. i'm looking on their websites and going through things like the benefits they offer etc. but i don't really understand it. can anyone help bring a little light to what i should be looking at so i can better understand this.

any links or comparisons between two cities will be really great. thanks to all who answered.

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    You need to make a list of the things you want out of the career and will make the job fun/rewarding and livable. Things like benefits, salary, take-home cars, possibility for special assignments, probability of promotion, the level of professionalism in the department, the city, can you afford to live in the area on only a cop's salary there, etc..

    Lay them out in a list and check departments until you find one that matches what you want to see.

    Source(s): California cop.
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