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Is there snow in grenoble in march-april, and what is the weather like?


I know it probably won't snow, but will there still be snow on the ground?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The weather will still be cold in March and April and there may be the odd snowfall, but if this happened the ground in the town itself would not stay covered with snow for very long. The near-by mountains would still be snow capped as it is possible to ski until Easter in the region.

    The closest ski resort to Grenoble is Chamerousse.

    You can get a weekly weather forecast on this site:

    Source(s): I am French
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  • 1 decade ago

    In Gernoble, France in Spring (Mar - May), there is usually some rainfall, and Spring temperatures average between 44°F and 63°F.

    Historically, in March the highs are around 53 and lows are around 35, and in April the highs are around 58 and lows are around 39. (Fahrenheit). So it is a little too warm to snow during March and April, but is still very cold.

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