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What would be a good job for my specifications (reed the below extra details) ?

What is a job which you don't necessarily a lot of qualifications, but pays an annual salary which is generally more than an average salary.

For example, a pilot or train driver.

help is much appreciated! and i will definately put thumbs up to every answer.


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    My uncle makes a really high salary and he is an environmental engineer. He cleans up the ground pollution and stuff like that. He travels a lot and the traveling is covered.

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    Most jobs that fit that description have a catch that makes most people not want to do them. For example, you can make good money as an overnight security guard if you're willing to work nights. Sanitation jobs pay well too and are pretty secure if they're government jobs. If you type fast you can also get a job as a legal transcriptionist.

    I don't know about train drivers but pilots need special training that's very expensive, so that may not be an option for you.

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    Work with a multi national courier or shipping company. Start off in the warehouse or the hub area (which is called the operations area). But work with brains and most importantly, work sincerely well with your colleagues. When this is noticed by your management, you wl be rewarded. I know some people who started off as a delivery driver. Then when their hard work and initiative was noticed, 20 years later they're a big boss in one of the branch locations. Most importantly, always be humble and helpful, and always plan to upgrade academically or you will loose out to the young people. With my qualifications, I could only work as a sales girl. Then my bosses noticed I had a flair for fashion and an eye for detail. 5 years later, I am now a brands manager.

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    well think about your interests and apply them to your job. So if you like working with people maybe you should consider social care or nursery nurse where you can gain experience as you work.

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  • i would say that its kinda based on what you like/what you're good at doing..theres accounting clerks, salespeople, daycare teachers, nursing assistants, delivery drivers (usually need a clean driving record), administrative assistants, post office workers, etc..

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