Questions about a used transfer case on a dodge ram 4x4.Need advice, bad.?

My truck broke down about 3hours from where I live in Tyler,Tx, I paid $100 to tow it to a shop, I paid $1400, and picked it up, about 1 1/2 later. about 20 miles going home on the freeway, my truck was shaking really bad, so I puulled over and called the mechanic he said to bring it to a mechanic shop in my city and he would take care of it. At the shop in my city they told me that when they installed the used Transfer case that they didn't tighten the bolts that hold it on. So they tightened them up, but the next day the same thing the truck wa sstill shaking really bad. Then they found that the transfer case was cracked and 2 of the studs were broken. They fixed this and then the same day I was driiving to the mall and the transfer case went out again, I had it towed to the auto mechanic in my city again which was another $65, this was on Christmas Eve, so they wont be open until Monday. How much is this mecanic responsible for, my trucks been in the shop for about 3weeks of the last month. While I'm having to bum rides and pay gas money everyday to the guys I work with. Now the original mechanic up in Waco, wants me to tow it up there, I checked and it would cost at least $300-$400 to tow it bcak up there. When I told him that I already towed it to the Shop in my city he said that he'll have them take a look at it one more time, and hopefully they will be able to actually fix it finnally. If not I will have to get my truck towed back up to Waco, He also said that he's been doing mechanic work for the past 20years and this doesn't sound right to him. You know what it doesn't sound right to me either, but I just Need my truck back!!! It's my livelihood. I really need some advice on this, I'm in a stuck situation. I asked him in the beginning if I can get a used transfer case myself, and just have him put it in, he said no becuase he wouldn't be able to guarentee it like that. I told him all I wants my truck back,like it was supposed to be, in the beginning. He sounds like he may think It's me doing this, but it's not. Could driving with a loose transfer case have messed my truck up even worse? What should I do. Thanks, I appreciate it

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    the only answer to this one is to have a used transfer case installed unless you want to go with new one and then go after the mechanic who installed it to begin with,driving one with the bolts loose would cause a lot of problems especially with the drive shafts it would put them in a bind and cause the vibration your speaking of,i wouldn't have it towed back to waco though,unless they agreed to pay for it,document all the repairs that have to be made and take the first mechanic to court is the only way to win on this one,not only will it have damaged the transfer case but its also possible it may have damaged the transmission as well,but all this will have to be documented as you go in order to take this case to court and win,1400 was way too high for a transfer case to begin with,its very rare that a mechanic would leave the bolts loose on one to begin with,but driving it like this would create more problems ,good luck on this one,my sister got caught out like this and went throug about the same thing once a long time ago,and she won her case,good luck.

    Source(s): been a certified mechanic for 37 yrs
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    Sounds like you've been dealing with a bunch of hacks. If it's a used transfer case it could be the wrong one as several would have bolted up.

    You should document everything. Since you're already stuck, get a solid diagnosis and find out the root cause. This means at least a partial teardown. If it's the wrong transfer case or there's damage from driving around with it loose, then the first shop ought to be on the hook for it. If there's an underlying condition that is causing the repeat failures, it's all yours. The first mistake was towing it to any other shop than the first one.

    He's likely to be suspicious because every mechanic has been burned many times by crooked customers. Don't take it personally. Just find out the facts. You may just have to bite the bullet and think of this as a learning experience.

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  • 3 years ago

    My dad's dodge ram had its pass case going out and it began making a noisy grinding noise (many times on lots) each jiffy, and stepped forward to creating that grinding noise each few seconds in some month. It seems that it became the U-joint (joint that applications whilst it differences from 2-wheel force to 4-wheel force) that became going undesirable and making that noise. quickly after it began the grinding noise each few seconds, the products got here falling out onto the line mutually as we've been using. purely make useful that it's not the U-joint going out.

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