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Could I be a model/Actor? (male)?

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    Totally, you're hot, and I think that you would probably meet most of the modeling standards and should try to keep up a healthy lifestyle if you are thinking of going down that career path .

    Here are 7 steps to becoming male model:


    Try to meet the industry's standard requirements. Most male models are between 5' 11" and 6' 2" and under 175 pounds. Males can start a modeling career from the age range of 18 to 25 and their careers can last well into their 40s, which is much more relaxed than their female counterparts. Don't worry about being all around perfection, if one body part is exceptional, there's work for hand models and eye wear models, too.


    Keep toned. Although the modeling industry doesn't want a body builder's frame, they do want a fit and healthy appearance.


    Move to a big city. New York City is the best place for modeling as it is considered the modeling capital of America. Other large cities need models, too, so check around via the Internet and in phone books for modeling opportunities in these areas.


    Create a portfolio. Get several head shots and full body shots in both sportswear and business attire taken. Keep information like clothing size, height and weight on the back for potential clients to look at.


    Get an agent. A good time to find one is when a modeling agency holds open call, which is when anyone can go in and be informed of their potential in the industry. Sometimes a model search will go to smaller towns to look for talent. Be sure to research their legitimacy before signing up. There are even scouting companies (See Resources) that can send information to modeling agencies for their clients.


    Be persistent. Even today's top models have been rejected more than once. If one agency passes on you, think of it as an opportunity to find a better agency.


    Keep a flexible schedule. Once an agent starts booking shoots, a model must be ready to be on location on short notice. A passport is a must for any model.

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    Sorry sweetie yet I could supply my honest opinion and relating to modelling appropriate now i do no longer see it happening. i'm no longer saying you're grotesque or something like it, yet you have very everyday good factors and oftentimes for modelling they do no longer look to be finding for the girls around the corner look yet far greater beautiful looks. this could exchange nevertheless as you're very youthful. As to actor of direction. It in simple terms relies upon on your performing skills. learn complicated and you will additionally make it! solid success!

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    Haha, you're cute that's for sure.

    But it's an extremely tough business out there and unless you're in the right place at the right time it's a very small possibility you'll make it.

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    Maybe. Male models generally have a more exotic face or more muscley physique than yours. I would hit the gym and wax those eyebrows! :) Then you should get some headshots taken and send them to agencies to try and find representation.

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    Sure, but remember you have to get into the industry, it's not all about looks. I think you could make it though, if you know someone in the business. Good luck!

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    It's not all about looks, but as far as that goes, then I say sure ;) But yeah, it takes more than that. Start looking into it, checking out places, talking to people, etc. Good luck!

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    Your quite good looking, so i would advise you of being a actor.

    But you could be either, so if i were you i would choose what you think would be best for you and your talents.

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    If you have the talent to become an actor than yes..I don't really think they would care how you looked..

    For modeling maybe, you look fit and everything so there could be a possibility.

    btw: your cute.

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    honestly, YES! you're really good looking. you look like a good actor/model. I like your hair. it's got spunk, but it's not overdone. Leave it as it is. If anything, make it a little more simple.!!

    remmeber, though, make sure you got the talent too. but it loks like you do!

  • getting into acting depends on if you can act your really cute but you havent got the face to be a model

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