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How Hindi became the national language of India?

Hindi langiuage went through hard times in becoming the national language of India.

Is the language full heartedly recongnised or is it just there forced.

How it ever overtake other languages ,when there are other Indian languages much older and historically richer

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    Hindi became the official language of India on January 26, 1965, although the Constitution of India recognizes English and 14 other official languages: Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu , Gujarati, Malayalam, Kannada, Oriya, Punjabi, Assamese, Kashmiri, Sindhi, and Sanskrit.

    India bridgeAfter the Independence of India from Britain in 1947, the Government of India undertook the standardization of the language. In 1958, "A Basic Grammar of Modern Hindi" was published as a result of the work of a govenment-appointed committee. In addition, Hindi spelling was standardized, and a standardized system of transcribing the alphabet was devised.

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    National Language Of India

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    Language is a highly emotive issue. It had subsided and was working-just like that- chaltha hai!. It ha been awakened by the controversy on instruction to officials to correspond/communicate in Hindi by the UPA II but kept in abeyance , may be for the new govt. to face the flak! As an independent nation it is essential that (India) has a Bharatiya Bhasha or an Indian language as its' NATIONAL Language. It was a difficult proposition and Hindi became the official language by the casting vote of the presiding officer. It is reported that the subcontinent had no less than 1652 spoken languages including 63 non Indian. Hindi is not as widely prevalent as is made out to be (just about 24/5 %). Neither is it rich as most of the other Indian languages, nor old enough! Probably if Sanskrit had been made the officiall language it would have had more unifying effect and probably less opposition. Of course still Tamilnadu could still have opposed as Tamil had nothing to do with Sanskrit unlike other Indian languages, where it s prevalent anything from 20 to 60 %

    The present order will sow the seeds for the disruption to the unity of the country perhaps leading to splits or dismeberment as the USSR! in due course If Hidi is not acceptanle by a large section let us evolve a new language or make Sanskrit or evenTulu as the national language and English the language of commerce to be studied just like any othe foreign lngauge may be more rigourously from 10th std. onwards. No doubt it is not a simple issue with globalisation, and our ultimate move towards ONE- World-Government with a parliametary system of Government, to represent all the 192 or so countries of the UN and more to come with each country of today being dsignated as of a state

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    Official Language Of India

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    India does not have a national language. even though Hindi is the official language, it is not given the status of national language as the majority does NOT speak Hindi

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    Hindi is more than a national language of India.According to the article 343 (1)(Chapter 16) of the Constitution of India, "The Official Language of the Union shall be Hindi in Devanagari script.Sole official language means more than a national language because there is no recognition for any other languages of India. Karunanidi burned the page of the constitution which declares Hindi as the sole official language of India.All constitutions of the world use the political term official language hence there is nothing wrong in not using the term national language.When Indira Gandhi became Prime Minister,she amended the constitution,she made English as one of the official language of India,other major languages were given official status in 1967 by amendment and states were given powers to declare their language,it is applicable only to those states like Spanish in New maxico state of US.All central Govt Gazettes,circulars,bulletins websites are only in English &Hindi and not in regional languages.States can communicate with centre only in Hindi or English.Still our English media has been busy in proving Hindi is not our national language to retain India as a British colony.English remained as our supreme national language against the wishes of all freedom fighters.Hindi was introduced in all High schools in Madras province in 1937 by C Rajgopalachari,it was removed from Tamilnadu schools in 1967,actually the anti –Hindi protest was not against learning Hindi,it was against Hindi as a sole official language of India

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    Already Hindi has destroyed most of the regional langauges in India. These regional languages have rich literature and antiquity compared to Hindi. Still they were not able to survive Hindi influence which came all the way from Persia.

    Hindi has diluted the very feeling of the state people. Though Tamil Nadu was successfull in opposing Hindi imposition, however it failed to stop English invasion. That is the reason their passion is fading away.

    I don't know why people from other states failed stop Hindi invasion on their land. Already we accepted English as a connecting language , then why do we need Hindi in addition?

    By the way Hindi is never a national language of India, Please read Indian contitution for official languages. No such national language clause in India, only 22 official languages .

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    By Force ofcourse.

    It was never Fair to have Hindi as a national language of India.

    I am a Proud Indian.

    I see things in a neutral view.

    Indira Ghandhi could have played her part in forcing the language in India.

    What is Hindi, it is nothing, Urdhu on the other hand has its path to islamic influence, so does Hindi.

    Dravidian going against Hindi do seem right in a way when seen for their angle, the were the native people of India.

    The Tamils to be precise will have their grudge knowing their language being the primary language of India and Hindi which came later takiing the National Title.

    Can you enforce French in England?

    But you can enforce Hindi in India by force.

    As long we give the needed respect to the deserving language, even forced languages will be appreciated

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    India has no National Language.... That is right .... Hindi or English both are "languages of communication" being used simultaneously...This was in spite of the references readers have made to the Constitution of India...As I understand, it was decided that people in the South will accept Hindi and learn it ...and people from the North will learn one of the four dravidian languages.(Tamil, Malyalam,Telugu, Kannada) ...But that did not happen....

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    Before 18th century , the percentage of Hindi was 0% since the language was not Born. Now its is 40% that too only Spoken Hindi, whereas written Hinid is just 21%. Since Hindi script is Sanskrit Hindi and Dialect is Urdu Hindi. Spread of Hindi in 40% of area is not due to north Indians , since that is not the language of their soil before 18th Century. Languages of north indians were Braj Bhasha, Haryanvi, Bundeli, Kannauji, Hindustani, Awadhi, Bagheli and Chhattisgarhi before 18th Century. Now let us see the History of Hindi.

    During Mughal period, Urdu was used in Mughals court in the name of Kharibholi as official language and forced to north Indian states which was having their own state native language till British invasion. When British dividing Hindus and Muslims, Language for Muslims was Urdu, but north Indian Hindus were already lost their native languages like Sanskrit, Brajbhasha, Kannauji,etc, since Khariboli was entered into north Indian Hindus due to khariboli imposed as link language. So they gave a name to Udru based khariboli called Hindustani then later Hindi by 1805.

    In 1881 Bihar accepted Hindi (Hindi Grammar by 1854) as its sole official language, replacing Urdu, and thus became the first state of India to adopt Hindi. Hindi, it is a name given to Urdu based Khariboli with 15% Sanskrit in it.

    Wikipedia mentions both Sanskrit (Indo-European) and Urdu (Persian/Arabic) as non – Indian origin language.

    Can any Hindi pundit (Not Sanskrit pundit) tell equivalent Hindi words for the following English Words? But they should not borrow words from Urdu or Sanskrit, if borrow from Urdu then say Language is Urdu, or if borrow from Sanskrit then say Language is Sanskrit, should be pure Hindi words. These words should exist in day-today spoken Hindi (Always urdu words used) not written Hindi (Always sanskrit words used)

    1. Friend 2.Suicide 3. Luck 4. Heart 5. Pain 6.Hunt 7.Careles 8.Answer, 9.Try, 10.Surrender 11.Clean 12. Forgive 13 Hate, 14.Animal 15. Marriage, 16 Definitely 17.Difficult ,18.correct, 19.Wrong 20. Question 21.Law 22. Condition 23. Room 24. Shy 25. Respect 26. poison 27. Always 28. Happiness 24. Daily 25.City 26. alive 27. Buy 28.scissor 29. Strange 30.chair 31.Bucket 32. World 33.Book 34.Fever 35. Special 36.close 37. Cold 38.Complaint 39.Age 40.Duty 41. Owner 42. Meet 43. pocket 44. Air 45. Land .

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