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Earth rotation/revolution.?

i need to find a site that allows me to get a live view of earth rotation or earth revolution.

can anybody plz help me?


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    just go to it has milllions of them. ill telll u what a rotation/revolution is.

    Earth-Sun Relations

    Solar radiation is one of many sources of energy, and probably one of the most important sources, that drive environmental processes acting at the surface of the Earth. The amount and intensity of solar radiation reaching the Earth is affected by the geometric relationship of the Earth with respect to the Sun.

    The Solar Constant

    Though the temperature of the air near the ground is primarily determined by the heat released by Earth's surface, the principal source for heating the Earth is solar radiation. The Earth is "constantly" bathed in solar radiation propagated through space ultimately reaching the surface of the earth. On average, the Earth receives 1368 W/m2 (1.96 ly/min) of solar radiation at the outer edge of the atmosphere, called the "solar constant". However, the actual amount received at the edge of the atmosphere or the Earth's surface varies from place to place and day to day on account of the orientation of the Earth to the Sun.

    Earth Revolution and Rotation

    Earth, the third planet of our solar system revolves around the Sun once every 365 1/4 days. The elliptical orbit of the earth varies from 91.5 million miles on January 3 called "perihelion", to 94.5 million miles on July 4 called "aphelion" for an average earth-sun distance of 93 million miles. The elliptical path causes only small variations in the amount of solar radiation reaching the earth.

    earth orbit

    Figure ES.8 Earth's elliptical orbit

    Click to image to enlarge

    The Earth rotates at a uniform rate on its axis once every 24 hours. Turning in an eastward direction the Sun "rises" in the east and seemingly "travels" toward the west during the day. The Sun isn't actually moving, it's the eastward rotation towards the morning Sun that makes it appear that way. The Earth then rotates in the opposite direction to the apparent path of the Sun. Looking down from the North Pole yields a counterclockwise direction. From over the South Pole a clockwise direction of rotation occurs. You can demonstrate this by looking down at the North Pole of a counterclockwise rotating globe. Lift the globe while keeping it spinning in a counterclockwise direction and look at it from below.

    here are some LIVE sites.

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    No, the Earth's rotation has absolutely no effect on flight. It does have an effect on the weather, and of course the weather affects airplanes in flight, but aircraft themselves are unaffected by the rotation. In particular, the rotation has no effect at all on navigation, flight times, or anything like that. Yes, the planet's rotation does affect extraordinarily precise instruments such as INS gyroscopes, but these devices apply built-in corrections for the effects. Remember that an INS can detect the rotation of the Earth while parked at the gate, and also detects the curvature of a great-circle route over a long distance. But effects on less accurate devices are masked by other effects of greater magnitude.

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    Why don't you download Universe Sandbox? Please note the program likes to glitch. I tried to see the orbits in 3014, when I jumped forward, The planets flew in a straight line away from the sun. On both computers, it did this.

    Source(s): Winston here.
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