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Do plants need darkness to grow?

I am talking specifically about garbanzo beans (chickpeas). Everybody knows plants need light, but what about darkness? And please, don't give me an answer like "Oh, I'm not sure, but probably . . ." I need a scientific answer, and please, please, cite your sources! Thank you so much if you can help!


By the way, I don't mean that they should be kept in the dark ALL the time, just do they need SOME darkness . . .

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    Yes, plants do need darkness to grow.

    First, in the photosynthesis process itself, there is a reaction known as 'dark reaction' pathway or lately known as 'carbon reaction' pathway where the free energy of ATP and reducing power of NADPH, are used to fix and reduce CO2 to form carbohydrate. This is very important process to release Oxygen into the air. This happened in the dark or at night.

    Secondly, for inducing the plant to initiate flowering process. This phenomena is known as photoperiod, ie based on the ratio of the daylength to night length over 24 hours. Plants reaction to photoperiod can be divided into 4 groups.

    a. Day-neutral plants - the plants has no effect on photoperiod, They will flower when the plant reach physiological maturity.

    b. Short day plants - plants will only flowering when daylength is shorter than nightlength. This group of plants will only flower in late summer or fall or very early spring, when day length is shorter than the night period. e.g. strawberries, potatoes, chrysanthemums etc.

    c. Long day plants - Plant that flower in spring or early summer. eg lettuce, spinach, radish etc. Flower initiation will begin when the daylength is getting longer than the dark period.

    d. Intermediate day plants - These group of plants will grow vegetatively when daylength is either too long or too short. They will only flower when the day length is about 12hrs of daylight and 12 hrs of darkness.

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    Do Plants Need Darkness

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    well i can say that plants doesnt get taller during the darkness . but i can tell u that there is things can make it grow out by useing water and feeding it with plants food and also having it outside close to the hot sun do make the plants grow taller sizes . maybe you can get some books about how the plants does grown by going to the school Library and check out some good books and take some with you at home and just studying about them and might help youre science project and you will get good grade doing a good work .

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    In order for some plants to bloom and set seed, the dark period has to be longer than a certain minimum or shorter than a certain minimum. Other speces are day (night) neutral and will bloom once the plant reaches physiological maturity.

    Source(s): Biology instructor for 39 years
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    no if plants are kept in dark they will die

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