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area52 asked in TravelAsia PacificJapan · 1 decade ago

Why Mongolian sumo wrestlers stronger than Japanese?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Young Japanese men don't have the motivation to go into sumo anymore, so the stables no longer have their pick of the strongest Japanese youth. Boys with the physical gifts suitable for sumo are just as likely to be into judo, rugby, baseball or whatever these days.

    Back in the day, the fact that rikshi were well fed and got a roof over their head was incentive enough. However even with all the economic problems Japan has these days, not too many boys (or their parents!) want to drop out of school and submit themselves to the brutal discipline/bullying of the sumo stable. A low ranked rikishi receives about 30000 yen a month pocket money+room and board, but is expected to do chores on top of training. The big/strong kids would much rather play rugby/gridiron/judo/hockey/ or whatever sport for college teams and then go on to play for shakaijin teams-can you blame them? Nowadays private high schools like Ikuei recruit kids out of junior high to play every sport from hockey to rugby to soccer. Sumo just didn't have that competition for talent even thirty years ago.

    For a young Mongolian kid however, sumo is a great opportunity. Even if their sumo career doesn't pan out, at least they get a trip to Japan out of the deal. It's their version of boxing to get out of the ghetto.

    If sumo wants to revatilize itself, it has to treat the athletes (and they usually are just kids when they join a stable!) with respect. The stables/sumo kai needs to see to their education, not burn them with cigarettes and beat them with baseball bats, provide them with a decent salary/pension, etc. etc.

    In this day and age they shouldn't be taking boys away from their homes and classrooms before they are 18. After all, what would people say if the Yomiuri Giants encouraged kids to drop out of school, come live in their clubhouse, clean their toilets and cook their food, and then beat the crap out of them all for 30000 yen a month?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Simply speaking, Japanese kids have no interest on being Sumo wrestlers like before any more. Some may have still strong will though absolute numbers of candidates who want to be for trying to feed the family have been reducing day by day.

    Instead, Monglians sumo wrestlers are sort of elite who was in Monglia as amatuer traditional martialarts or own wrestling. In addition they have strong will to support the family in their home country.

    The training is also very hard. Japanese young kids don't get used to that kind of training nowadays.

  • Selena
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    1 decade ago

    I guess it has to be in their genes after all they are the descendants of Genghis Khan and have always been known as ferocious fighters. The Chinese of the Qin Dynasty even had to build the famous Chinese wall because of their threats. They are also used to living in a rough climate and their nutrition is more meat and dairy products based.

    Some sources claim that the old Mongols under Genghis Khan had placed pieces of meat under their saddles to tenderize them by the pressure, instead of cooking them—whence "steak tartare." While they may indeed have sometimes placed meat under their saddles, whether they did do so for culinary reasons or to protect the back of their horses from getting chafed by the saddle is unknown. The historical form of food for travel was the same back then as it is today, the dried and ground meat Borts, dried curds and malted dry cereal cooked in milk.

    What an amazing culture!

  • 1 decade ago

    forget those long answers. They talking bout history and snit. It's because of their environment they grew up in. You either become the boss of the street or get beaten so much that you are forced to stay home and do math homework until you get scholarships to other countries. That's how it is in mongolia for teens. So, those guys were trained fairly well and shipped off to Japan to destroy the japanese dumplings.

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