How many times should I read the Bible before I give up on getting any kind of spiritual confirmation that ...?

it is what everyone makes it out to be?

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    Iv read the whole Bible, some parts many times (u start with New Test. Bk of John [connects 2 whole Bible] - details below - u can e-mail me if u want more info). However, ur approach, methodology, purpose & attitude (in)directly affect what u learn. I use the English Standard Version (ESV) b/c its easier 2 read than many other version while adhering 2 the word 4 word translation method (see below).

    In reading the Bible 1 must know this - theres many ways that seem right 2 men but its end = death & verses must b judged with right judgment. The Bible isnt 2 b read as a novel or a bedtime storybook. Many think they can just read it & understand it or its rubbish or pick parts of the Bible not easily understood even by seasoned actual Christians.

    No matter how much well-meaning people (religious or not) read the Bible they cant find Jesus Christ without going directly 2 Jesus thru His Biblical instructions (Jn 5:39; 10:1,7; 3:3,5). God outsmarted man - the Bible's the only 1 that cant b properly understood without Jesus (Jn 14:6; II Cor 3:14; Is 29:11-12 - If Jewish people cant pierce the veil over the OT without Jesus then 4 sure all gentiles cant). Thats why theres many interpretations & many thinking its just fairy tales (Jesus came with the sword of division).

    The Bible severely warns us not 2 trust humans (including clergy), not even ourselves (Jer 10:2-5,23; Is 2:22; Job 12:11; Prov 14:12; Acts 17:11). So carefully think over what I say. Dont just believe or dismiss what I write so u wont make the mistake many have, getting caught up in religious beliefs that wont lead u 2 God (things written about the Bible r by man not Jesus - like books/commentaries).

    Never forget: Neither a label, title, name, its history, # of members, amount of time it existed or whats stated about them means anything - its whats practiced that makes it valid or a lie or not useful (even with respect 2 Bibles). Most Bibles contain the truth but many hv bad errors.

    Many miss this - Jesus is the only 1 in history who said He's "the" way, "the" truth & "the" life & NO 1 can know God except thru Jesus (Jn 14:6 - ref Acts 4:12; Jn 5:39; 10:1,7). So "the" whole truth was complete & there4 finished thru what Jesus taught/did or God doesn't know what He's doing & cant be God. The truth is either fully true or its a lie. The full truth cant contain a lie - the absence of any lie. So any so-called new teaching, other religious beliefs or from self-proclaimed prophets & teachers r null & void & cant lead u 2 God. But God always knew what He's doing & all Jesus would do.

    Jesus couldnt have done nor said what He did unless He fully knew the entire OT (the NT didnt exist @ the time of Jesus) - only possible if God sent Him & the Apostles couldnt write down the NT unless Jesus allowed them 2 remember & know His purpose (Lk 24:25-27,45). Not possible unless God caused it.

    Religions made many fatal errors. They built religions on what man would like God 2 b like. They cant all b right (i.e. Theres 1 Bible, why so many interpretations? - II Pet 1:**19-21). Religion wont teach u much about God (they cant teach what they don't know).

    I know many Biblical things but most important is do u know about being Born Anew (Jn 3:3,5)? Whats Biblical is built on it (NT - John is the place 2 start, Chap.3 1rst - the whole Bible is connected 2 John). Im not religious under "church" type labels b/c the Bible is about eternal life not how many rituals u can do (wrong use of the Bible - part of why theres many interpretations). By loving the truth 1rst u'll learn the true love of Jesus Christ.

    2 begin 2 find our real Jesus, start with Jn 3:1-14 - note: Nicodemus was very religious but Jesus flatout told him he had missed the 1rst most important step - being Born Anew. 2 be Born Anew u must 1rst understand that no1 can live without breaking God's Law = sin that separates us from God (Rom 3:23; Acts 3:19). There4, u must pray 2 Jesus asking Him 2 forgive ur past sins, accept Jesus Christ as ur 1 & only Savior, ask Him 2 give u God's Holy Spirit (Lk 11:11-13; Jn 15:26; 14:26), seek 2 know & follow Him - u always need a Bible (Jn 7:17; Jn 1:12,13; 3:16,17;21; 36; 5:24: 6:37; 8:12; 10:9; 11:25; 14:6; 20:31; Is 34:16;46:10 - memorize this set of verses - later they helped me).


    Use a version that gives 1 the quickest path 2 the truth 4 the best chance not 2 b confused, which u'll hv along the way - especially 4 young people - what u feed children spiritually will affect the outcome - imput = output (Always get a Bible with references 4 related texts). I hv access 2 30+ translations. Iv found the best 2 versions (1 or 2 others r almost as good but not needed). Why I use these 2:

    Being wise we know there cant b many versions that can b the best/close 2 the old texts. Theres 3 main types of translations with overlaps/mixtures within each catagory (dependant on agendas or philosophical approach - some may classify some in 1 catagory when they belong in another - especially within B&C below - 2 a degree more than 1 method may b used 4 readability or depending on agendas or theology concepts - some overuse):

    A. Word 4 word &/or literal translations

    B. Dynamic equivalence or thought 4 thought or overused Literal

    C. Concept 4 Concept or paraphrased or overused Literal

    1a. Word 4 Word &/or Literal Trans.

    I use Bibles based on "word 4 word" &/or some "literal" translation methods - some literal added 4 easier reading. The reason is they adhere best 2 original text. The translations, best 1rst, r King James III (KJ III) (newest update) by J. P. Green - also published a Literal Translation & an Interlinear Version (IV) - includes Hebrew&Greek, **English Standard Version (ESV) - the "easiest good version" 2 read (a related update of Revised Standard Version (RSV - best older translation), New American Standard Bible (NASB) - (update: a little harder 2 read - moved 2 B - like NKJV it has sentence structure issues & errors) & Amplified Version (AV) (harder 2 read & sentence structure/agenda issues).

    1b. Older English Versions

    Regrettably all other English translations hv inherent problems/errors. Old English versions like the King James Version (KJV), American Standard Version (ASV, AmV), Revised English Version (REV), Darby & similar versions r written in older English thats not been used 4 over 175 years. While it may b poeticly nice the Bible isnt about poetry. The Bible's hard enough 2 understand without trying 2 decifer a long outdated language - even word 4 word/literal methods wont help much.

    The truth's hidden in the Bible. It takes lots of time & energy 2 mine it as is. Well-meaning people will tell u the KJV is the only "authorized" version (KJV is authorized by a "human" king not God & it has errors). Many words used in old English rnt even rightly definable any more. Use of OLD so-called "modern" English only helps promote Biblical ignorance, which overrides the value 4 original manuscripts used.

    2. Dynamic Equivelance &/or Thought 4 Thought

    Be wise stay away from all other popular versions b/c they, 2 1 degree or another hv rewritten passages/verses. While many were well-meaning they watered down/caused significant changes 2 the meaning of God's actual message/block the true power of God's word from being rightly understood.

    Many well-meaning people tried 2 make versions so-called easier/more pleasurable 2 read - the Bible isnt a storybook or nove. They were trying 2 please humans instead of God. They used dynamic equivalence, thought 4 thought &/or used some literal/word 4 word methods of interpretation 4 where the original was obviously better. Where these methods went wrong is b/c they tried 2 1 degree or another 2 rewrite verses in their own words (calling them so-called modern English, etc.) or styles. The more liberally applied the worse the version (especially 4 hidden agendas).

    These versions include: sad 2 say all Cc versions [especially with inclusion of so-called "lost" or Apocrypha books, which dont adhere 2 the foundation/structure of the rest of the Bible], the (NASB), RE, KJV, NKJV, NRSV, HCSV, CEV, GNB, NCV & others with similarly applied methods.

    3. Paraphrased or Free Translation & over usage of Literal

    This set includes but isnt limited 2 the LT, NIV, NIRV, NLV, NLT, TNIV, NLV, The Way - Paraphrased + the Message Bible (worst offenders but all versions listed here r almost as bad as these 2 - they make the Bible more like bedtime stories than the word of God). The more liberally applied the worse the version (especially 4 hidden agendas) - perversion 2 1 degree or another.

    These translation methods bend/rewrite &/or water down what was originally intended ([un]intentionally 4 various preferences/agendas). If u want 2 know God's actual message dont use these versions - they will give u a distorted picture/message & u could wind up remembering them that way - especially our impressionable children). Use the 2 versions I list under set 1 2 get 2 know what God actually intended.

    Then theres other so-called Bibles that cant lead u 2 God - the New World Translation (JWs), BOM (Mormon), the Qu'ran (Islam/muslims) & others claiming 2 b from God, another testament, update or restoration. The true Comforter is God's Holy Spirit not a human.


    Source(s): The Holy One of Israel, Jesus Christ, God's Holy Spirit, the Bible, careful research and observation and personal experience provided by the Most High - He who has the Son has the Father also but he who does not have the Son doesnt know the Father either - it shall be sheer terror 2 understand the real message - God doesnt respect any man or his religions. It comes down 2 do u want 2 know who our real God is? Theres ways that seem right 2 many but its end = death (theres only 1 path [not many] 2 God & thats thru Jesus). Biblical knowledge in & of itself wont save u. Borrowing true knowledge from others wont help u - if u have a good meal poisoned with arsenic adding (patching it) better quality food will not cure the problem but it may prolong your inevitable death but it'll b death nevertheless - its still part of the poisoned tree. Its useless 2 try 2 patch a tire thats full of holes. Whoever seeks Jesus with all his heart & soul will find Him (u shall know the truth & it'll set u free). But why should God want u 2 live with Him forever if u dont want 2 know Him (reason 4 free will - Jn 1:12-13)? The truth of God remains forever unchanged while things of a man dies with him, including his religions & gods made in his image. Theres eternal hope only in Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Sadly, the Catholic church started on a wrong platform & continued 2 add more twisted teachings (Other religions followed suit 2 1 degree or another) & Bibles reinforcing their wrong teachings followed (rewritten 2 suit them). Whatever is loosed on earth is loosed in Heaven still must adhere fully with what the Bible states, what Jesus taught & 1 must have right belief in Jesus 4 it 2 mean anything (what the Cc doesnt understand). ***If Jesus came from God as His only Son as stated in the Bible then the Quran (doesnt agree with the Bible), the Book of Mormon (no such thing as "another testament), JWs (rewrote some Bible verses - New World Translation) & other religions r wrong about Jesus b/c they demote Jesus 2 just a prophet or good man. If Jesus Christ isnt God's Son (false prophet) then the Bible & all others r wrong. We cant have it 2 ways. Theres only 1 Jesus & there can only be 1 true Gospel (II Cor 11:4; Gal 1:6,9; I Tm 6:3). If Jesus is whom He says He is then Muhammad (muslim follower of Islam), Joseph Smith (Mormon = Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints), Jahovah's Witnesses (JWs = Watchtower), Most Catholics, many Protestants, Ellen White (7th Day Adventists), Mary Baker (Christian Scientists), the moonies (Unification church - Rev Moon), Church of Scientology (Dynanetics - L Ron Hubbard), Buddhism, Hinduism & others presenting other teachings & practices r the false prophets & teachers & should be disregarded. But I can assure u the truth is in the Bible (where Jesus was coming from in everything He did & said). Regarding Bibles I recommend the English Standard Version (ESV) as its an easy 2 read but more accurate version than what others will suggest. Its very important 2 understand the most accurate Bibles r those that r word 4 word or a combination of word 4 word + the right amount of literal translation (4 readability). Presently, theres over 30 versions of the Bible. Only a few r translated close 2 whats in the original text. The ESV adheres 2 the word for word method while making it easy 2 read (literal method) - the best accurate Bible 4 the younger crowd - but its good 4 parents, children & others 2 be reading the same Bible 4 good communication (get 1 with verse references so u can easily look up related text). Many dont know that God is well aware many would [un]intentionally twist & prevert His Word so He invented a system in the Bible that will never change (Just like God & Jesus - more visible in the word 4 word method translation with right usage of literal translation versions).
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    I would suggest that picking up the Bible and starting on page 1 will result in you giving up by the time you reach Leviticus (the 3rd book of the Old Testament). It's nearly an impossible task to start on page 1.

    I think the best book to start with is the Gospel of John, and then the Book of Romans written by the Apostle Paul. Also, it makes a difference which translation you read. For the serious seeker I would recommend a Life Study Bible that explains each passage. Zondervan has an excellent study Bible of the NASB (or NIV) translation. Trying to read the King James translation is a challenge.

    Faith is a free gift of God through His Grace-there's nothing we do to merit it, but he who diligently seeks receives.

    The Wall Street Journal reported that 25 million Bibles were sold in 2007. EVERY YEAR SINCE IT WAS FIRST PUBLISHED in the 15th century the Bible has been the number 1 best seller!

    The main benefit of the study Bible is it really explains a lot of what otherwise just seems irrelevant or difficult to understand. The Bible is not a doctrinal book. It is God's Revelation of our salvation. It is written by more than 40 authors, over 2 thousand years, on three continents and yet it all agrees and is coherent. The authors were kings, and tax collectors, and fisherman. Common people chosen by God to speak His word.

    Finally, if you can find a good Bible based church that teaches the true Gospel, and/or a Bible study group in your neighborhood (they're everywhere), that may help. The important thing with both the church and the Bible study is to find those who teach the true Word and do not twist it to suit their purpose.

    The basic division of the Bible may help. First the Old Testament:

    1st five books written by Moses, called the Pentateuch

    next 12 books are the historical books,

    next 5 are books of worship,

    next 17 are the Prophetical books (written by the prophets)

    New Testament-the NT is the story of Jesus and our salvation through God's Grace.

    1st four are the Gospels of Jesus Christ

    Book of Acts written by Luke

    next 9 are Paul's Epistles (letters to churches)

    next 4 are Paul's letters to his friends (pastoral letters)

    next 8 are assorted epistles written by others

    finally, the book of Revelation written by John (wait a while to tackle this book)

    The journey is incredible. The changes that occur within you are amazing. May God Bless your effort.

    Source(s): Ephesians 2:8-10 For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, so that no one may boast. Matthew 7:6-8 "Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. "For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened. John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life. WSJ Dec 23, 2008 page A8
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    First of all just reading the Bible isn't enough you have to pray for wisdom and understanding before going into the bible or you're just reading it like its another book......which it is not.....the BIBLE is the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth


    You Need wisdom to understand what it is truly saying because it don't matter how many times you read the BIBLE you will learn something new every time because you will never fully comprehend what its truly saying. God speaks to you through His Words and the Bible is His Words.

    And because we as human being will never fully comprehend the way God Works you shouldn't try but just have FAITH

    (SEEK WISDOM ABOVE ALL) and the rest shall be given to you

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    i ask your self how lots of people who're asserting which you ought to study and be taught the bible have unquestionably study and studied the bible. There are some relatively tousled thoughts, exceedingly contained in the previous testomony. The bible, for the main section, is precisely to human beings what they choose it to be. For the zealots, it relatively is the observe of god handed down through hundreds of years. For skeptics, is it an esoteric decision of information that are something yet cohesive. And all of those human beings can factor to passages that 'practice' their factors. For me, the greater I study the bible, the greater I doubted god and faith. i could propose you to study it some situations, each of how through - no skipping books. think of roughly it heavily, then make your person decision.

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    Take religion seriously. Never surrender your intelligence.

    "Religion without philosophy is sentimentalism, philosophy without religion is mental speculation"

    A scholar reads many books, goes to many universities, asks many questions, and tries to learn their subject from every angle of vision.

    Please read "Bhagavad gita As It Is" translated with purports by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

    If you do what everyone has done you will get what everyone has got.

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    That is different for everyone. I've read it twice; once for a college class, but it only took me once reading it on my own to figure out that it isn't all that it's cracked up to be.

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    In the bible it states (and I know from my own experience that it's true) that the wisdom of the bible will only be 'revealed' to those with the holy spirit. Before I was reborn the bible was a big book of evil contradictions to me. I only looked in it to pick and choose sentences or phrases out of context to live in the sin I was wallowing in (anger and sex namely). After I was reborn five years ago, the wisdom in the bible blossomed like a flower before my eyes.

    We see a reflection of what is in us. Reflected in people or in what we read. Truly I tell you our eyes deceive us. Yes, the windows to our souls... and if our souls are perverted so too will be what we see. That is why it is so important to HEAR the truth. And to tell it. The message can be twisted when we read.

    So my answer to you is don't read it. Find out first hand from people who know Jesus who he is.

    Source(s): Very interesting that I got three thumbs down. That shows you that those people read my words as being negative. And that just gives credance to what I said.
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    No it's not.

    If you're interested in what happened (and is happening) there's a very good channeler called Sal Rachele who has channeled the real history of the world, you can read them for free here, and he also has a couple of books which I highly recommend

    read the history of the world series, but they're all interesting

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    Are you joking?

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    It took me about three times, but I came to most of it already believing that it was true and inerrant.

    It took several years to face up to challenging that point of doctrine, on the grounds of the internal and external evidence.

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