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USMC: Tour rotations? How many can one Marine do?

I was wondering how many Tour re-ups does one Marine have to go through in the duration of a 4 year enlistment contract? is there a limit of 3? or is it endless?

If it is 3 Tours per Marine, what does the Marine do after the completion of his tour? Stay state-side for the reminder of his enlistment?

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    no limits. you go as often as you are sent.

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    No limits. However, if your chain of command is on track normally they'll transfer their young combat experts to a unit that dont deploy, (ex. a CPL with 3 combat tours or a young SGT with 3 also) They do this to give them a break and give them a taste for life again. This is common among big "victor" units, but rare in smaller units where the man power is necessary. A young SGT i work with just got his break after 5! combat tours ... so again, it really just depends. On my way back for a third next year :) i cant wait.

    Semper Fidelis!

    Source(s): Im a SGT of Marines.
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  • 1 decade ago

    No limits, but Marine is about 8 month per tour, not like army need 12 or 15 month per tour/

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