History of Cumbria do you know?

Cumbria became county of England at 1970's....

so then what was it in the year before that? especially in 16th century?

and what was it called?

(Please I require serious answers)

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    The county of Cumbria was created in 1974 from the areas of the former administrative counties of Cumberland and Westmorland, the Cumberland county borough of Carlisle, along with the North Lonsdale or Furness part of Lancashire (including the county borough of Barrow-in-Furness) and, from the West Riding of Yorkshire, the Sedbergh Rural District.

    The name "Cumbria" has been used for the territory for centuries. After the fall of the Roman Empire in the late fourth century A.D. , the Celtic peoples of the area gave themselves the name 'Combrogi' or ' Cymri', meaning 'Fellow Countrymen', from which the county name Cumbria, derives.

    The "creation" of the county in 1974 was just an administrative decision, recognizing this part of the country as a separate entity.

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