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附身的黑魔 - 由外太空來的生物黑魔是依靠附身在人類身上才能發揮能力的生物。被黑魔附身的人會性情大變,身為英雄的蜘蛛俠彼德亦不能倖免,而後來的艾迪也同被黑魔附身而變得自大及邪惡。

沙魔(Sand-man) - 誤闖實驗室的越獄犯馬高因為受到實驗的影響而變成可任意改變形象的沙魔,馬高本育有一患病的女兒班妮,但馬高因犯下殺人罪而被判入獄。而為女兒班妮的醫療費用而疲於奔命的馬高逼不得已之下誤殺害了彼德的叔父潘。沙魔在本片中的戲份不算太多,電腦特技下的沙魔比飾演馬高的型格演員湯馬士海頓卓更多,但沙魔一角對彼德的心境變化起了很大的緩和作用。

受到萬人愛戴的彼德開始感到虛榮感的誘惑而自大起來,繼而背棄了情人瑪莉珍與同學Gwen Stacy接吻,後來彼德更被來自外太空的生物黑魔附身,力量頓時變得更加強大,自大心也支配了彼德的意志,無情的彼德更狠下心腸打傷了一直以來也不忍傷害的好友夏利。知道了殺害叔父的真兇原來就是早前已於銀行劫案中交手的沙魔的馬高,知悉事實後的彼德決定找馬高報仇,希望為叔父尋冤。與彼德同為報社兼職攝影記者的艾迪因為偽造了邪惡蜘蛛俠的封面報導而被彼德揭發而懷恨在心,最後更被黑魔附身,身心同樣變得邪惡的艾迪決定與彼德決一死戰而擄走了瑪莉珍。

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    Today looked at the spider variant third volume, the whole considerable value 8/10 point, is set of very attractive movies, shuttles back and forth in the tall buildings plot one, two volumes is more frequent than, moreover the roles movement also did before have been splendidly more than, the role sentimental expression was more exquisite, might know that the direction and the screenwriter have gotten down the hard labor, what but was a pity was only Xia Liyao has died, a so pitiful life, the summer advantage could not praise Vietnam finally….

    The spider variant third volume of principal role one like formerly played an important role by other Germany and the Mary treasure, but in the piece another was full of the charm the role to play child of Xia on the factor Li green evil spirit person, because before, did the misunderstanding, caused Xia Li and other Germany's friendship breakage, subsequently caused Xia Lisui to other German newspaper vengefulness for father's murder, but now collection finally untied this pitiful misunderstanding, but Xia Li the death was & finally; quot; The good person cannot longevity & quot; Said that ruthless under reaches a verdict, we pray for Xia Li.

    Takes possession the black evil spirit - the biological black evil spirit which comes by the outside outer space is the dependence takes possession on the human body can display ability the biology. The human who is taken possession by the black evil spirit meets the personality big change, the body also cannot escape by luck for hero's spider variant other Germany, then comes Adye also with is taken possession by the black evil spirit changes derives is big and is evil.

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