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my computer is Window 2007

Musicmatch Jukebox is not suit for my computer!

Update 2:

Any other new software?

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    turn CDs into MP3 files

    Step one

    Download and install Musicmatch Jukebox. There are other options, but at present it's the easiest way to encode MP3s at high quality without paying for registration.

    Step two

    Quit all other programs and run Musicmatch. Allow the software to perform whatever diagnostic tests it wants to on your CD-ROM drive and system. The more accurately it knows the read speed of your drive and your computer's system resources, the better it will be at ripping your CDs.

    Step three

    Click the Record button on the player to open the encoder and insert an audio CD into the CD-ROM drive. Musicmatch will sync up with the CDDB to find the names of the tracks, which will be automatically turned into ID3 tags in the MP3s you're making. This makes them easy to identify after they're converted.

    Step four

    Go to the Options menu and choose Recorder/Settings. In the Recording Quality section, choose the bit rate at which you want to record. For CD-quality sound, we recommend setting the bit rate at 128Kbps (or higher if you think better sound is worth larger file sizes).

    Step five

    Check the boxes next to the tracks you want to encode. Click the Record button to begin encoding. Don't use your computer for anything else while encoding, or else you risk adding skips to your MP3s.

    Step six

    After you're done encoding, the file is ready to be archived in your music collection, sent to friends, or uploaded to a Web page. See our "Next steps" section below for more info on how to do those things well.

    2008-12-30 19:54:21 補充:

    Try this link(Windows 2000)

    2008-12-30 19:57:04 補充:

    Sorry! 補充不能貼Link

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