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英文報導中 任意提出這八個 問句和解答

從這篇報導中任意提出這八個 問句和解答


Where When Who Which Why How What



Taiwan's top prosecutor for official corruption today confirmed that former

President Chen Shui-bian ... who was indicted earlier this month for charges

including money laundering ... has fingered his predecessor for similar


Chen Yun-nan ... head of the special investigation unit that indicted Chen

Shui-bian ... confirmed today that his unit is already looking into

allegations that Lee Deng-hui ... president before Chen ... had laundered

some 1.6 billion NT.

When asked by reporters if Chen Shui-bian is the one who brought the

allegations forward ... the prosecutor grimaced ... apparently looking for

words ... and answered tersely with one word, "correct."

The prosecutor didn't give details of the investigation ... other than to

confirm it is official.

However, reports today say that Chen Shui-bian gave prosecutors evidence as

far back as September of this year ... and that former KMT money manager

under Lee Deng-hui ... Liu Tai-ying ... has already been questioned.

Sources are also quoted as saying five people suspected of having been

figureheads for the illegal transfer of funds have been banned from leaving

the country.

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    Where did the laundered money tranfer through?

    ANS: The laundered money was transfer through figureheads.


    When did Chen Shui-bian give prosecutors evidence about Lee Deng-hui laundered some 1.6 billion NT?

    ANS: In September of this year.


    Who is the former KMT money manager under Lee Deng-hui?

    ANS: Liu Tau-i-Ying.


    Which person is Chen Suui-bian's predecessor?

    ANS: Lee Deng-hui is.


    Why five people suspected have been banned from leaving

    the country?

    ANS: Because having been figureheads for the illegal transfer of funds.


    How much money Lee Deng-hui had laundered according to Chen Shui-bian's saying?


    ANS: some 1.6 billion NT.


    What did Chen Shui-bian have fingered his predecessor for?

    ANS: money laundering .


    Did the prosecutor give details of the investigation?

    ANS: No. he didn't.

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