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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago


I'm a sales executive, and I travel a lot on business. When I'm back in the office, I work nine to five, but when I'm traveling I work much longer. You can have a breakfast meeting then end up having dinner with a client to 11 p.m. or later. I work five days a week, Monday to Friday, but I often have to fly out somewhere on a Sunday night or fly back home on a Saturday morning. I can take time off during the week when that happens. I have to dress well, and I usually wear a suit with a skirt. The company pays me a clothes allowance. Lunch ... well, I might have lunch in a restaurant with a client, but if I'm alone I just pick up a sandwich, or sometimes just a yoghurt and an apple. I get good vacations in my job. Four weeks a year. I have a company car, and also I sometimes rent a car when I'm away. It depends on the city. Last week I flew to London, England and it's easier to take taxis in big cites.





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    我是一名業務人員。為了工作,我經常到各地出差。當我坐辦公室時,我的工作時間從早上九點到下午五點(我朝九晚五地工作) ;但若遇上出差,我的工作時數會更長。或許一天工作的開始是一場早餐會議,然後與客戶用餐至晚間十一點鐘甚至更晚當作一天工作的結束。我一星期工作五天,從星期一到星期五。但我經常需要在星期天晚上飛(坐飛機)到外地,或在星期六早上才從外地出差回來。若這種情況發生,那這個禮拜我就有假放了。我必須穿著端莊得宜,平時我都穿套裝搭配窄裙。公司給付我一筆治裝費。至於午餐...若午餐時間有客戶,我會和我的客戶到餐廳用餐;但如果只有我自己一人的話,我就簡單買個三明治、優格或蘋果來果腹。公司給我不錯的旅遊待遇。一年有四個禮拜的旅遊假期。公司還配給我一台車,有時出差時我也會選擇租車來開。開車與否都看城市而定:上星期我飛到英國倫敦,在那樣的大城市裡,招一台計程車來坐比自己開車要來的輕鬆方便許多。

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