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Im thinking of buying a Ionic Air purifier, but im not sure it will work. Will it get rid of small animal smel?

I have many small animals in a cage. even when its clean the pee and poo smell doesnbt make the house and room smell good. Will an ionic air purifier get rid of that kind of smell, or just larger particles like hair and such. If not, guess ill get something else. Anyone know or had experience?n Its getting irritating.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Air purifiers don't get rid of large things like hair, but they do get rid of the small impurities in the air. I haven't found them great at ridding places of bad smells, but even so, the air is much less fuggy and easier to breathe. Then again, I use a small air purifier. Maybe the bigger ones remove smells better.

    It is certainly worth trying it out. Buy one from Wal-mart and if you don't notice a difference after a few days, you can always take it back with no risk. Keep those animals clean, though, because it's not a substitute for cleaning. And keep the air purifier running all the time.

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  • 3 years ago

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