My sons name: Meaning please help?

In the year 2000, I was looking for a name for my cat online. I came across a website that had a really cool name for a boy. The listing was "Zarean" and the site had it listed as a Russian name, meaning Dawn. This is what I ended up naming my son, but I've yet to find the name a second time online to varify what I had learned. I love his name, but I am curious about the actual pronunciation of the name. I pronounce it Zar(like far with a z) ean (like seeing with out the s and the g) hope that makes sense =) Can anyone help me with a website link or actual knowledge about Russian language or another language where that name is prevalent? Thanks.

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    Zaria or Zoria is the goddess of beauty in Slavic mythology. A once-popular goddess also associated with the morning, Zaria was known to her worshippers as "the heavenly bride." She was greeted at dawn as "the brightest maiden, pure, sublime, honorable.

    It's generally a girl's name.

    Your pronunciation makes sense, that's how it would be said. It looks like a masculinized version of the name.

    Source(s): slavic
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    I have russian heratige, I am pretty sure you have this right. You would be better off asking in languages though.

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    I think it's russian I looked it up in the dictionary "Dawn".

    Source(s): Webster Dictionary.
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    Its coming up as a surname .... ?

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