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Hypnosis to induce amnesia ...?

Does that junk I always hear about actually work? does it depend on the person? Is there some other way to induce amnesia?

Also, what are the mental risks to forgetting? Besides things like not remembering loved ones, what are the actual life threatening risks?


Keep in mind:

This is simply for my own personal study for a story I'm writing. I don't plan on using the methods.

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    Ignore that 8% comment, every person with basic normal brain function can be hypnotized. The key to hypnosis is rapport between the hypnotist and the subject. If the hypnotist cannot make a sympathetic connection it is very difficult for them to hypnotize a particular person, but every one can be hypnotized.

    Amnesia can be induced fairly easily through hypnosis. The wording the hypnotist uses has to be very careful. Some people take the suggestions very literally and if told to "forget everything" would forget how to drive, or some other critical skill.

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    Why would you want to destroy something that would protect you.

    Example: If a person hurt,molested etc. you had amnesia of the the person and the event and you found the person following you again what would you do. Remember the amnesia, you would have no reason to suspect any danger.

    most hypnotists will not induce amnesia. With good reason

    In fifty + years my sucess rate for hypnosis in over 80% for females,70% males and 99% children The 8% comment is pure B.S. but not good enough to garden with.

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    Amnesia is pretty strange and complicated; people can forget things and yet still have the information in their heads but be unable to consciously access those memories.

    Hypnosis however is fake. There is not a shred of evidence that hypnosis is anything more than parlor tricks.

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    only 8 % of all the people on Earth are that susceptible to hypnosis.

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