Is it possible that there is a friendly spirit or ghost in my house?


This may sound crazy but my wife and I have lived in our house for nearly five years. The cottage is one of the oldest in the village and the original building was erected around 400 years ago. We can only find info from the last 80 years but nothing before that time.

We are both very happy here and everyone that visits falls in love with the place but a lot of strange things happen especially to my wife.

Most happen when she is here on her own, lights go off and on ( it got so bad that we had the electrics checked and they were ok) and things get moved about or end up in different rooms.

So far in the last couple of days she has experienced the light in the bathroom going off and as she went to reach out to turn it back on it the light came back on on its own, The following morning she woke early and went into the kitchen, while making tea she almost jumped out of her skin when a mans voice said hello very loudly, she said that she thought it was me putting on different voice but when she turned round no one was there, she went to both doors and there was no one around. She says that these things don't frighten her she feels that what ever is in the house will not do her any harm.

Is it possible that we have a friendly ghost.


yes I have experienced stuff too bt just not as much as my wife, too much to list here though

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    1 decade ago
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    quite possible. i live in an old welsh miners cottage, and ever since i moved in there has been 'what feels like' an angry little git in the house. ive had doors slammed. i have walked into the front room and the hairs on the back of my neck have just stood up for no apparent reason at all, and i have a really un easy feeling. it usually only lasts until i tell him to piss off. but my pictures keep getting skewed to one side, and my big model ship is Always moved too. my daughter came and visited me last year and we were both amazed to hear some one whistling a hymn in the kitchen. it only stopped when we looked in the direction it came from. i live alone! so it doesn't bother me too much. but my grand son wont stay here even! for ten minutes while i go to the shop. god only! knows who he is or what makes him so bloody tetchy all the time. at least yours is friendly though. perhaps you could get some one round to take a look. i keep meaning to but i never get around to it. fascinating thing though isn't it. i wish you luck with yours.

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    1 decade ago

    Once again it is the calling of one person to stand against the crowd and be called a fool. Spirits do exist, we do live on after this life. It does not just end. Also, there are forces of light and darkness that are ever-present and have influence on our mortal, physical world. Good spirits do have occasion to visit our realm every so often, but their visits are only brief. They come simply to deliver a message, strengthen a loved one, or teach a principle. One may have several experiences with such a spirit such as a guardian angel or something of the like. But they will never linger in a place and cause disruptions like you have described friend Mark. These dark spirits are full of nothing but lies and deception. They can change their appearance or behavior to make you believe they are harmless, but they are like having an open barrel of radioactive waste in your living room. You cannot see it, or taste it, or smell it, but slowly it is poisoning your body and ruining your flesh. If a guardian angle, or good spirit is with you every activity they do is very precise and has a direct purpose. They do not "play around" like dark spirits. You would be wise, friend Mark, to rid yourself of this presence at once.

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    I would say it's a forgone conclusion you have a friendly spirit, possibly someone who used to live in the house. Perhaps it would be good to find the nearest spiritualist church or reputable medium and ask someone to visit to see if they can help find out who he is. If it were me I would do it myself but if you do not have the skills or knowledge then leave it to someone who does. I would love to live in a period property with a friendly spirit lodger.

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    Yes, it sounds like a friendly spirit. You could get a priest round to try and send the spirit away if it bothers you and your wife.

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  • Beth
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    1 decade ago

    Its possible, Ive delt with that kind of thing before and as long as its not causing you any harm I would leave it alone, however sometimes if you just ask it to leave it will. I know that may sound weird but it can work.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well as shes not getting a sense of threat on uneasyness, i would say its fine! Aknowledge the ghost, say hello and carry on about your business : ) You only need to worry if things start to get unpleasent!

    Source(s): Our cottage is over 300 years old, odd things happen lol
  • 1 decade ago

    i think the spirit is just looking for a bit of attention. im sure it wouldnt harm you if it was evil it would be doing worse but im sure it just wants to be friends.

    if your house is over 300 years old im sure it will have more than 1 spirit in it. lol

    good luck xx

  • Tina
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    1 decade ago

    Yes they do exist. I have one sitting at my kitchen table drinking coffee. He said he's from Canada.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well, I wouldn't say ghost. Well, if you believe in God, I think it's God. Everyone hears God talk to them. Harriet Tubman had God talk to her and that's why she freed those slaves. God told Harriet to free the slaves. I heard a man's voice call my name once and I am sure it is God. In the Bible, God is a friendly spirit. Either it's a nice spirit, because everything has a presence, a spirit. I really think it's God. God or the friendly spirit is trying to say something. I don't believe it's your imagination. If this thing is nice, be nice to it and give it attention.

    Source(s): I've heard a loud voice too.
  • 1 decade ago

    Quite possible, I suppose

    Don't be too worried, your wife seems assured you'll be fine

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