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what are some top film schools (3.7 highschool GPA and above for incoming freshmen) that have div 3 baseball ?


bjdzak........heres your answere: yes i want to commit time to baseball, but i KNOW im not good enough to play division I. I may be good enough for D II, BUT not if im going to go to film school b/c most of the good/prestigious ones are in california and are recruiting californians who are much better than i am (except NYU, which does not have baseball). with that said, i would only be able to play D3 if i were going to a film school. As for my future, I think I want to be more in the TV field, possibly sports broadcasting, more than feature length films etc. I am from CT, and am hoping to intern at ESPN in the future(I live about an hour from the HQ). Saying that, I guess I dont need to go to a film school, BUT I dont want to be just like a communications major, but something more involved with the TV/Film aspect of it.

With all this, If I want to play baseball, I wouldnt be able to do so at UCLA, USC, UCSD, UCSB, NYU etc. ANother thing though is I want to go to an honorable school.

Update 2:

I have a GPA of 3.84, and I know I am capable of getting into a good school, so I dont want to settle with Miami or whatever. In the end, i will probably end up playing club baseball, not DIII, but I would be satisfied with that too.

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    Compton Jr. College, South Central JC.

    Hope this helps.

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    Your question doesn't have a straightforward answer because how you define "top" isn't necessarily applicable in this situation.

    Based on your question, I'm assuming that you have a genuine interest in a CAREER in the film industry, but would like to also commit a fair amount of time playing baseball as well.

    The best thing YOU can do is to first answer for yourself what it is PRECISELY that you'd like to do in the film industry for a career? What job would you ultimately like to have that will earn you at least enough income that you will be able to pay your bills and afford you the lifestyle that you desire? Once you determine your ultimate goal, then you must learn the path or paths that MAY get you there. Going to filmschool... ANY filmschool, even those considered "top" .... is no guarantee that you will ever get a job in the business at all, muchless achieve your ultimate goal.

    So given that, the "top" filmschool is the school that best suits YOUR needs in terms of giving you the education and exposure to the PROFESSIONAL world and what you'll have to do after you graduate. There are certainly filmschools out in the world that are considered "better" than others and each are given that reputation because of what they've done for a few of their alumni who have gone on to become successful. Know that MOST alumni DO NOT achieve fame and fortune. Those who do have worked VERY hard and have made a lot of sacrifices and have devoted most of their time to breaking into the professional industry and then building a viable career that pays their bills.

    With that in mind, certainly go to school AND participate in extracurriculars, like baseball. But know that at some point, you will have to choose a path that is most important to you. Building a career in film isn't like other jobs where you can get a degree, send out a resume, and sign a year long contract. Unless you have relatives in the business, you'll likely start working for little or no money at all for months on end until you meet enough people who like you and trust you to do a job, likely a menial entry-level position. From there, you put in your time as you work your way up the ladder with little time for anything else, like family, friends or playing games.

    Or you could get incredibly lucky, meet the exact right person at the precise time and be where you want to be almost right away. Anything is possible, but it's best to not bank your entire career on the long odds.

    So, what YOU need to do is first figure out what you want to really do in the film industry. Then research the list of available schools that will teach you what you need to know to get there. You can find the most comprehensive list of worldwide schools (over 700 in all!) at and click on the "Filmschools" link at the top.

    Just for reference, the schools that are considered "top" in the United States at the moment are the following THOUGH others will likely have differing opinions based on what they wanted from a higher education and what they want from life:

    University of California, Los Angeles

    Program: Film and Television

    UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television

    102 East Melnitz Hall

    Box 951622

    Los Angeles, CA 90095-1622

    University of Southern California

    School of Cinematic Arts

    Office of The Dean

    University Park, LUC 209

    Los Angeles, CA 90089-2211

    North Carolina School of the Arts

    School of Filmmaking

    1533 South Main St.

    Winston-Salem, NC 27127-2188

    Jordan Kerner, Dean


    Phone: (336) 770-1333

    Wade Coonfer , Head of Production


    Phone: (336) 770-1322

    Florida State University

    Program: Motion Picture, Television and Recording Arts

    Florida State University Film School

    University Center 3100A

    P.O. Box 3062350

    Tallahassee, FL 32306-2350

    New York University

    Tisch: Film & Television

    721 Broadway

    New York , NY

    Those are just a few schools that MAY offer the education YOU need. Start there and then look to see what kind of baseball program they have to offer. If baseball is your priority, then you'll need to start with that list and then see what the filmschool opportunities may be. With any luck, you'll find a school with both, but again, professional careers in film and baseball will require a significant amount of time and dedication which means that at some point, one of them will likely have to go as you find your priority in life.

    Good luck!

    Brian Dzyak


    IATSE Local 600, SOC

    Source(s): and click on "Filmschools" at the top.
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