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K, I just got some red, white blue Jordans 7, how do I tell if they're legitimate?

I look at all the other stuff, and its like half and half of the signs that they are real, and fake, so what else to tell if they are real or fake?


yeah, it has "best of both worlds" on the tounge with the cool little jumpman thing beneath it, the only things are the jumpman on the insole is painted instead of embroidered, and on the bottom where it has "NIke" and the swoosh, the white circle's paint a little splotch is a bit out of the line.

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    You can usually tell by the symbol that is on the inside of the shoe. Most fake ones do not have the nike swoosh on the inside. It's either blank or has some non nike related mark.

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    Get a receipt at your next purchase. If there is not one, take it to a shoe store and ask. They are the experts.

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