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Good colleges in South Africa?

I moved away from South Africa when I was six. I was born in Capetown. Every five or so years we go to Johannesburg for a week to spend Christmas with my folks there. I want to move back to South Africa when I get older. Any advice? I'm 14, I speech broken, but okay Afrikaans, I have a strong American accent. We moved away because my dad was a farmer in the country and the whole farm murder thing was freaking us out so my granddad loans us some money and we moved to the USA.

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    South Africa still has a lot to offer but we do have some challenges facing us, poverty, HIV/AIDS, corruption and crime being the ones most needing attention.

    My advice will be for you to closely monitor developments and when the time arrives for you to make a decision base it on the current facts and then choose.

    In terms of tertiary education SA has some great universities, Cape Town, Rhodes, Stellenbosch, Potchefstroom and Pretoria are all world class and if you choose to study via correspondence we have Unisa.

    Technicons and Universities have now been integrated and there are numerous technical degrees that one can enroll for.

    Specialized education and nursing colleges are also available.

    South Africa has been a democracy for some years now but not all characteristics of a true democracy are visible and on the political front we are currently witnessing some interesting developments with a breakaway party from the ruling ANC being formed, COPE.

    In terms of employment, affirmative action is law and preference is afforded to those previously disadvantaged and in reality only white males are really effected....currently unemployment is well over 30% and this is another factor to take into account.

    South Africa remains a beautiful country.

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    Good Universities include:

    Wits University

    University of Cape Town

    University of Pretoria

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    Well I live in South Africa and the truth is.. The new goverment is up to sh*t.. The corruption is terrible.. And well its not safe, 50 people get killed PER DAY.. We have universities and its very expensive, so is everything with high inflation..

  • Skyli
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    More High schools and Uni's than actual colleges.

    Good uni is the University of Cape Town.

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    I think you want to go to university? What do you want to study? Remembering that college and university in South Africa are not the same place. Universities are your highest form of education.

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    It depends on what you wish to study. If you are looking at moving into fashion, Fedisa has some great courses and a wonderful campus on offer. View more about what they do and what they have to offer at the link below.

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    It all depends on what you want to study as some University's are better in certain fields than others, but overall you can't go wrong with you're bigger names like Rhode's, Stellenbosch or Unisa

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    please come back, this country needs people like you, there are some great colleges in cape town and johannesburg, but there are some fake ones too.

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    even your english needs some attention, you speech?

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    There aint none

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