What are my options for repairing the 2" wet return for my steam boiler?

There is an approx. 20' run consisting of two 10' sections coupled together with 90's on both ends. The leak is near the coupler and appears to be rusted through with a 1/4' hole at the bottom of the pipe. Should I replace like for like or use copper? Who can do this work for me? Thanks!

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  • Ed M
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    1 decade ago
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    Steam condensate return piping erodes from the inside from years of flow. It usually will leak first at a threaded joints on the horizontal run. Pipe wall thickness is diminished when it is threaded. Replace the line with schedule 80 grade steel pipe using extra heavy fittings. Replace the coupling with a union and you can replace all 20'. Copper is never used on steam lines. Not durable for this application.

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    For a quick fix, go to hardware or plumbing supply and purchase a rubberized clamp made to seal holes in pipe...but this is a short term fix....call a plumber and have it done right! The entire pipe is probably ready to let go, I seriously doubt that a pipe would fail only in one place. Make sure the pipe is supported by like material..you do not hang iron pipe with copper hangers, and vice versa...in fact, use synthetic piper hangers if possible. Happy Holidays.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You need to use black steel pipe for steam lines, anything else and you are asking for trouble, not to mention the cost of copper these days.

    As to who can repair it, I would find a reputable heating repair company locally. They will be insured and warranty their work.

    "Joe schmo" down the street may do it cheaper but you are on your own if he messes things up!! I have gone in behind many jobs that a family member or friend did for someone only to find code violations, unsafe installations and inefficient setups that only cost the homeowner more than any savings they made.

  • 1 decade ago

    a pipe fitter, or plumber

    your only option is to replace it

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