What is the capital of Africa?

i know its pretty easy but just curoius... ya know

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    Capital cities and states of Africa

    Capital City

    Satellite View Citizens


    Abuja Abuja Map 300,000 Nigeria

    Accra Accra Map 600,000 Ghana

    Addis Ababa (Addis Abeba) Addis Ababa Map 2,400,000 Ethiopia

    Algiers (Alger, El Djazâir, Al Jaza'ir) Algiers Map 1,600,000 Algeria

    Antananarivo Antananarivo Map 370,000 Madagascar

    Asmara (Asmera) Asmara Map 360,000 Eritrea

    Bamako Bamako Map 700,000 Mali

    Bangui Bangui Map 480,000 Central Africa

    Banjul Banjul Map 52,000 Gambia

    Bissau Bissau Map 120,000 Guinea-Bissau

    Brazzaville Brazzaville Map 620,000 Congo (Brazzaville)

    Bujumbura Bujumbura Map 240,000 Burundi

    Cairo (El Qahirah) Cairo Map 6,800,000 Egypt

    Pretoria (Adm.)

    Cape Town (Kaapstad) (legislative)

    Bloemfontein (Judicial) Pretoria Map

    Cape Town Map

    Bloemfontein Map

    1,600,000 South Africa

    Conakry Conakry Map 770,000 Guinea

    Dakar Dakar Map 165,000 Senegal

    Dar es Salaam Dar es Salaam Map 1,100,000 Tanzania

    Djibouti (City) (Djiboûtî) Djibouti city Map 62,000 Djibouti

    Freetown Freetown Map 48,000 Sierra Leone

    Gaborone Gaborone Map 140,000 Botswana

    Harare (formerly Salisbury) Harare Map 1,200,000 Zimbabwe

    Kampala Kampala Map 330,000 Uganda

    Khartoum (Al Khartum, Al Khurtum (sd) Khartoum Map 930,000 Sudan

    Kigali Kigali Map 118,000 Rwanda

    Kinshasa Kinshasa Map 2,800,000 Congo (Kinshasa)

    La 'Youn (El Aaiun, Al 'Ayun) 256,200 Western Sahara

    Libreville Libreville Map 57,000 Gabon

    Lilongwe Lilongwe Map 250,000 Malawi

    Mbabane (adm.)

    Lobamba (legislative) Mbabane Map 41,000 Swaziland

    Lomé Lomé Map 160,000 Togo

    Luanda Luanda Map 470,000 Angola

    Lusaka Lusaka Map 1,000,000 Zambia

    Malabo (formerly Santa Isabel city state) Malabo Map 35,000 Equatorial Guinea

    Maputo Maputo Map 900,000 Mozambique

    Maseru Maseru Map 14,000 Lesotho

    Mogadishu (Muqdishu (ar), Muqdisho (so)) Mogadishu Map 260,000 Somalia

    Monrovia Monrovia Map 430,000 Liberia

    Moroni (Môrônî (Arab) Moroni Map 19,000 Comoros

    Nairobi Nairobi Map 1,200,000 Kenya

    N'Djamena (Ndjamena) N'Djamena Map 190,000 Chad

    Niamey Niamey Map 250,000 Niger

    Nouakchott (Nuwaskshut, Noûâkchot (mr)) Nouakchott Map 135,000 Mauritania

    Ouagadougou Ouagadougou Map 650,000 Burkina Faso

    Port Louis Port Louis Map 145,000 Mauritius

    Porto-Novo (constit)

    Cotonou (seat of gvnt) Porto-Novo Map 185,000 Benin

    Praia Praia Map 62,000 Cape Verde

    Rabat (Ar Ribat, Er Ribât (ma)) Rabat Map 1,230,000 Morocco

    Tripoli (Tarabulus) Tripoli Map 570,000 Libya

    Tunis (Toûnis, Tunus (tn)) Tunis Map 620,000 Tunisia

    Victoria Victoria Map 25,000 Seychelles

    Windhoek Windhoek Map 148,000 Namibia

    Yamoussoukro Yamoussoukro Map 110,000 Côte d'Ivoire

    Yaoundé Yaoundé Map 660,000 Cameroon

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Africa is a continent, not a country. The last time I checked. There were 180 separate countries comprising the continent. One of the countries is not Ohio...

    I'll give you a little African trivia to further help. Christopher Columbus actually discovered Africa while searching for America. Many people don't know this. He hopped off the boat, realized his mistake. Then said something which became a footnote in history. He said "Ah_FreekA!" Just think, the continent almost got named "Minka." Need anymore help, just ask...

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sorry, Africa isn't a country. It's a continent. If you're wondering why Australia has a capital but Africa doesn't is because Australia is a continent AND country. Africa is made up of a bunch of countries.

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    Africa is a continent. Like North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Australia, Antarctica, and Africa. It has no capitol but the countries inside Africa have capitols. The only reason Australia has a capitol (Sydney) is because Australia is also a country, and a continent.

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    Africa is a continent on which many Africans countries exist. Each of those countries has a capitol. Africa does not have a capitol. It is a continent not a country.

    The Capital letter of Africa is A.

  • 1 decade ago

    Continents don't have capitals. Only countries that are part of that continent have capitals.

    Africa's capital is "A"

    North America is "N"

    South America is "S"

    Asia is "A"

    Europe is "E"

    Austrailia is "K" for Kangaroo, no I mean it is "A" since the Kangaroos are in New Zealand

    Antarctica is "A"

    South Africa divides its governmental power among three capitals. Bloemfontein is the capital of the judiciary, Cape Town is the legislative capital and Pretoria is the administrative capital. Therefore, the capital of south africa is cape town.

  • 1 decade ago

    Africa is a continent, not a country... as you might have found out had you watched news concerning a certain vice-presidential candidate about this mistake.(Sorry, couldn't resist)

    If you're talking about SOUTH Africa, it has 3 capitals: Pretoria (executive), Bloemfontein (judicial), Cape Town (legislative)...

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Africa is a continent - it is made up of many countries. Of these countries has its own capital. Africa itself doesnt.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    You question is not clear. In the most recent "old SA" is could be Pietermaritsburg, or Pretoria, Cape Town or Bloemfontein. The four capitals.

  • 1 decade ago

    there is no capital of africa , it does not have one cause it is a Continent , unless your talking about a country in it

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Africa is a continent . it wont have a capital all by itself . the different countries of it have different capitals eg Egypt - cairo

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