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Will layering a Northface fleece and shell/liner keep as warm as a Northface winter jacket while skiing?

I got a northface fleece for Christmas and I saw northface liners at EMS (and they're pretty cheap). Would these two layers keep me as warm as a northface winter jacket when I'm skiing? I really don't feel like spending $300 on a northface ski jacket.

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    The North Face Denali fleece (and similar styles) is a mid-layer jacket designed to be worn UNDER a shell when used for skiing or in inclement weather. Most fleece is not windproof. Adding a liner will likely do very little to reduce the amount of cold air that will get through the fleece, especially while skiing. Only a Windbloc or Windstopper fleece will provide the wind protection that a hard or soft shell will.)

    However you do not need to get a North Face shell unless you absolutely want to zip the fleece into the TNF shell. Even some other brands of shells will accept the TNF zipper. Likewise, other brands such as Marmot, Columbia, Mountain Hardwear, and even the EMS shells will more than likely do just as good a job as the TNF shell.

    Oh yeah...the Nordic Skier chic is correct but unfortunately you really don't generate the same amount of body heat while skiing downhill. I rarely wear a shell on nordic skis as well because I'm sweating my butt off...not so when you are cruising down a mountain at 35mph.

    Source(s): I used to work for EMS. The vast majority of my gear is EMS brand and I've used their stuff, Marmot, Mountain Hardwear, and lots of other brands on the high peaks of VT, NH, and NY in the dead of winter.
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    Northface Shell

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    Yes! They would, skiing creates a lot of heat and with your body heat and they layering you will be just fine. It's best to layer when skiing because you get warm very easily. When I ski the coldest part of my body are my hands so wear warm gloves. When I ski with my school most people wear long underwear on top and a t-shirt with a fleece jacket over then a windbreaker of some sort. I wear all that except the windbreaker (because I don't have one) and I stay perfectly fine!

    Good Luck!

    Source(s): Nordic ski with my school.
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    You dont need a northface ski jacket. Just find a cheap one like culombia. I wear a t-shirt, fleece or turtle neck, jeans, snowpants, northface denali fleece, and than a winter jacket. Im still a little chilly.

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    NFI sorry, I live in the sunburnt country!

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