what is the difference between STP and SSTP?

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    The three letter acronym STP can have several meanings:


    • Straight Through Processing is a banking term where a financial transaction is automatically completed without manual intervention.

    • STP is a motor oil company, its initialism meaning "Scientifically Treated Petroleum".

    • STP is the process for developing marketing strategy through segmenting the market, targeting a segment and then positioning the product or brand.

    • STP is the New York Stock Exchange symbol for Suntech Power Holdings, a Chinese manufacturer of photovoltaic cells

    • Situation Target Proposal, common term used in project management.


    • Saint Paul, Minnesota.

    o The IATA airport code for St. Paul Downtown Airport

    • Saint Peter, particularly Saint Peter, Minnesota.

    • The IOC country code and the FIFA country code for São Tomé and Príncipe.

    • The National Rail code for St Pancras railway station


    • Stone Temple Pilots, an American rock band.

    • Secret Tweaker Pad by Sublime off their Robbin' the Hood album.

    • Stones Touring Party, the Rolling Stones 1972 American Tour.

    • STP, a shortlived NYC all-female foxcore band which included ***** Galore guitarist Julie Cafritz

    Sports and recreation

    • 25 metre standard pistol, a shooting sport

    • Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic, an annual one and two day supported bicycle ride from Seattle, Washington to Portland, Oregon

    • Street Trail Park "STP" a type of bicycle manufactured by Giant. It is a purpose built bicycle aimed at Stunts and Tricks such as Trials, Dirt Jumping and Street skills.

    • STP is the street name (an acronym for "Serenity, Tranquility & Peace") for the hallucinogenic drug 2,5-Dimethoxy-4-methylamphetamine which is referred to as "DOM" in scientific literature.

    • STP is an acronym for "Strength, Toughness, and Pride". It is a conditioning drill performed by Harrison High School, who are known to have the most state championships in the state of Michigan.

    Scientific and technical

    • Standard Temperature and Pressure, a scientific term which represents a convention of designating standard conditions. Often, but not always, denoting a temperature of 0 °C and pressure of 101.3 kPa.

    • Standard thermodynamic properties

    • South Texas Project, a nuclear power station located southwest of Bay City, Texas.

    • Spanning Tree Protocol is a network protocol providing a loop free topology for a LAN or bridged network.

    • Shielded Twisted Pair is a type of cable.

    • Signal Transfer Point is an SS7 packet switch.

    • Sodium tripolyphosphate, a preservative.

    • Space Test Program, a program conducted by the USAF Space Development and Test Wing at Kirtland Air Force Base.

    • Shovel test pit, method for archaeological survey.

    • Software Test Plan

    • Soil Test Phosphorus

    • Standard Test Procedure

    • Steiner Tree Problem in graphs

    • Strategic Technology Plan

    • Sewage treatment plant

    • Short-term potentiation

    • Submerged Turret Production, a technology used to exploit offshore oil and gas fields.

    • Skin Test Positivity, a study performed on an individual's skin to assess allergic response

    • Sufficient To Prove, a mathematical term used in proofs

    • Simple Theorem Prover, a constraint solving software


    • Sacrae Theologiae Professorae, or Professor of Sacred Theology (possibly archaic), see Doctor of Sacred Theology

    Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol

    Not to be confused with Simple Symmetric Transport Protocol.

    Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP) is a form of VPN tunnel that provides a mechanism to transport PPP traffic through an SSL channel. SSL provides transport-level security with key-negotiation, encryption and traffic integrity checking. The use of TCP port 443 should increase the chances that SSTP will pass through most firewalls and proxy servers.

    SSTP servers must be authenticated during the SSL phase. SSTP clients can optionally be authenticated during the SSL phase, and must be authenticated in the PPP phase. The use of PPP allows support for common authentication methods, such as EAP-TLS and MS-CHAP.

    It is currently available in Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista SP1.

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    STP is shielded twisted pair cable, and UTP is unshielded twisted pair cable. UTP is more common in most ethernet-based networks that use CAT-5 or CAT-5E cabling.

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    SSTP has one more S than STP.

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