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What are some of your favorite historical biographies?

And by historical I mean subjects like George Washington or Saladin or Eleanor of Aquitaine....NOT Kurt Cobain or Frank Sinatra.

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    "Nicholas and Alexandra"/ and "Peter The Great" (both by Robert K Massie.

    "John Adams" by David McCulloch.

    "Jefferson and His Times" (Dumas Malone -- 6 volumes).

    "American Lion: Andrew Jackson in the White House" by Jon Meacham (very nice reading -- lively.)

    "Hirohito and the Making of Modern Japan." Herbert P. Bix.

    I loved all of these; but these are the only ones that come to at present. I'm sure there are many more.

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    I would actually argue the point over Frank Sinatra - he was DEFINITELY an historical figure .... look at his relationship with Kennedy.

    However, to the rest of your question, here are some I've enjoyed:

    Truman -- David McCullough.

    Five Years to Freedom -- James N Rowe (not sure if this would count as an actually biography -- it's more an autobiography)

    Undaunted Courage -- Stephen Ambrose

    Nicholas and Alexandra - Robert Massie

    Franklin Roosevelt: A Rendezvous with Destiny -- Frank Freidel

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    Ditto on McCullough's _John Adams_, and Massie's books are all heavily into a biographical approach to historical events.

    I liked Manchester's book on MacArthur, _American Caesar_; Barbara Tuchman's _Stilwell and the American Experience in China_; Edmund Morris's _Theodore Rex_; Samuel Morison's _John Paul Jones_; Alison Weir has written several easy-to-read biographies of major English historical figures, like Elizabeth I. Two good books on Benjamin Franklin are _The First American_ by H.W. Brands and _Benjamin Frankin_ by Edmund Morgan.

    Happy reading!

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    Attila The Hun-Leadership by Dr Wess Roberts

    Cavalryman of the Lost Cause J.E.B Stuart by Jeffery D Wert

    Athena-by Kim Izquierdo


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    Chickenhawk by Robert Mason Vietnam Helicopter Pilot

    Panzer Commander by Hans von Luck Tank commander

    You see anyone can find information on the really famous it's harder to find the information on the ones who really fought the wars.

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    my most favorite.....JOSE RIZAL!very great!you must check it out

    more favorites:

    eleanor roosevelt, florence nightingale, thomas edison, abraham lincoln, hellen keller

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