What is the mandate of the United Nations Human Rights Council?

I need to know the functions and powers of the UN HRCFor example, the mandate of the SC is:

to maintain international peace and security in accordance with the principles and purposes of the United Nations;

to investigate any dispute or situation which might lead to international friction;

to recommend methods of adjusting such disputes or the terms of settlement;

to formulate plans for the establishment of a system to regulate armaments;

to determine the existence of a threat to the peace or act of aggression and to recommend what action should be taken;

to call on Members to apply economic sanctions and other measures not involving the use of force to prevent or stop aggression;

to take military action against an aggressor;

to recommend the admission of new Members;

to exercise the trusteeship functions of the United Nations in "strategic areas";

to recommend to the General Assembly the appointment of the Secretary-General and, together with the Assembly, to elect the Judges of the International Court of Justice.

similarly, can someone find any similar document for HRC?


Ok firstly, I think the UN would have better things to do than answer simple questions that each kid has about stuff that is probably available in some public document somewhere. And to the second answer, what the hell?!! Was that just for the 2 points?? The human rights council doesn't even take care of peace issues!!!

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    Peace & Justice

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    Best is for you to ask your question at the most appropriate place- the UN. And if you need that address YA can provide it.

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