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My dragon deck? what can help ?

My main deck which is alright not great

i find myself haveing 50/50 chance winning and loseing

and the deck itself look like it needs inproveing

and replacements

useually theres money on the line so winning is nice


Luster Dragon x2(1900ATK1600DEF)

masked dragonx3

armed dragon lv3+5

mirage dragon-(faceup=no trap cards can b activated drueing battle face for opponite)

snipe hunter

the dragon dwelling in the cave

exiled force

darkblaze dragon

goblin attack force

white horned dragon

twin headed behemoth

spear dragon

lord of d

felgrand dragon

twin shield defender

tyrant dragon

tiger dragon


swords of revealing light

the flute of summoning dragon

brain control

stamping destruction(dun know if 2 more is good or not)

lightning vortex

mystical space typhoon

mage power

nobleman of crossout


soul exchange

black pendant

malevolent nuzzler

premature buriel



trap holex2


sakuretsu armorx2

negate attack

draining shield

rageki break

magic jammer

7 tools of the bandit

interdimensional matter transporter


call of the haunted

magic cylinder

(alot of waboku like traps,might change it)

my cash flow is iffy

cant buy off ebay of sorts but i guess i can trade

can buy boosters or structures starts and maby tins.

and recomendations would help


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    I think that you should add some armed dragon lv5 and if you have the chance add one armed dragon lv.7, you should add to the Horus Black Flame Dragon series, (lv.4,lv6,lv8) the last one have 3000atack and it negates the activation off spell cards. You also need one Felgrand Dragon. You can also include some expensive cards but I think that the best and new option available for you is Stardust Dragon. I hope you can make a great deck. =)

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    whilst you're making plans to play in more desirable format, then you definately would desire to look on the forbidden/ban checklist. you are able to no longer run greater suitable than a million return from D.D. in any case, i'd take those out: - 2 reckless greeds - a million return from D.D. - 2 sakaretsu armor - a million darkish bribe - 3 armageddon knights - a million prometheus - a million strike ninja upload in: + destiny draw + Phantom of Chaos + 2 mild and Darkness Dragons + 2 destiny Hero - Malicious + card trooper i do no longer comprehend if your deck is 40 now, yet you will desire to make a 40 card deck whilst you're working darkish ARmed return.

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    If u want a dragon deck u gotta have lord of dragons and flute of summoning dragon. If both are in play it allows u to speacial summon 2 dragons from the feild.I use to have a dragon deck. I put 3 blue eyes for fire power. Their hard to summon but with the help of lord of dragon and flute of summoning dragon its possible.

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    u should hav some fusion dragon type monster those may help and u'd win if u had lots of combos in ur deck

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