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What is this Christmas movie?

I know a lot of people ask these kind of questions and they're kind of obnoxious, but my mom and I have been wondering what this movie is that we used to always watch when I was little. It's like a baby's movie from the 90's. The main parts I remember are the scene where these robbers in furry hats (a woman and a man) try to steal Santa's sleigh. In another scene this girl's brother runs over her stamp collection with roller blades and rips a page, and breaks his hockey stick. So the girls sells her stamps to buy her brother a new hockey stick, and the brother sells his roller blades to buy his sister some new stamps. The last scene is some people dressed up like Christmas ornaments singing "Remember Us", I think. I really hope someone knows what I'm talking about, because I've been searching for it, and all I've come up with are Baby Songs Christmas and Wee Sing the Best Christmas Ever, which are also good films, but not the one I'm thinking of. Also, if by chance anyone knows where to watch it online, that would be fantastic! But the main thing I need is the title...


It's not like a full length movie with one plot, it's just like one of those kids movies that has a lot of little like 10 minutes skits. The three I described are three different skits that are independent of each other. It wasn't Follow That Sleigh either, but I totally forgot about that one, even though I used to watch it all the time! I'll have to track that one down, too.

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    Could it possibly be Follow that Sleigh? It's a Christmas movie from 1990 but the robbers in it are kids. (Might have seemed like adults to a young child, everyone seems old then.)

    Here's the link on yahoo movies:

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    A Christmas Story It's A Wonderful Life Christmas Vacation BQ: I watch Christmas movies all year, but mostly during the season. I watch all types of movies.

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