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    People pour a meling molten leaf like tea leaves in a tablespoon into a bowl of water. The resulting pattern is interpreted to predict the coming year.


    People have a long tradition of welcoming the New Year with a performance of DIE FLEDERMAUS operetta (1874) by the Austrian composer Johann Strauss, Jr.


    All members of the family dress in traditional kimonos.

    This is the one time of the year When everyone wears this type of clothing. Families eat a meal together which usually features a special type of buckwheat noodle called soba, a symbol of long life.

    Families often go together to visit shrines where New Year's fortunes.


    Peope gather with family and friends to watch parades and football games, either in person or on television.


    They wear red clothes and think that they can bring more happiness and joy to the people around . Married adults give children "red envelopes" which are some lucky money.


    During the New Year holiday, most of the Korean go back to their hometown from city and observe a worship service for family ancestors, called "Cha-Lye(차례)", one of the New Year customs in Korea.

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