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Why would a bank loan money to a Christian when the Rapture could happen at any moment?


8: Is religion factored into your credit score? If not, maybe it should be? Atheists would probably be the best credit risk?

Update 2:

Trista: So? What would happen if 60%-70% of Americans suddenly defaulted on their loans?

Update 3:

chieko: *chuckling* Thanks!

Update 4:

444444 wrote: "How do you know when the rapture is????????????"

That's the point of my question. Nice catch.

Update 5:

Okay, to my detractors: If you believe you will soon be raptured and knowing this you take out a loan, assuming you will not be repaying it, is that not disingenuous, bordering on fraudulent, and a form of stealing?

Update 6:

*Edit to A Beth of...: With all due respect, I see your analogy as flawed. A person has no expectation that he/she will be killed. Many Christians (may not apply to you?) are convinced they will be raptured in their lifetime and convinced their rule book is evidence. Therefore, there's an expectation. I could craft an analogy perhaps more fitting, but I have to work tomorrow and I must get some sleep. I've enjoyed your well-reasoned counters and challenges. As I'm sure you know, my question was tongue in cheek.

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    lol The banks know! They know!

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    Well, to not loan money to a Christian would not represent equal opportunity to all. We don't profess to know when the rapture will happen. We do, because of our faith, profess that it will happen.

    And, while we wait for this "rapture", we are taught patient endurance. So, that means we should consider that the rapture would not likely occur in our lifetime (even if it did happen to).

    And, it happens to seem that loaning money would be the Christian thing to do. It happens to be that the banks often charge interest on such loans. So, that takes a lot of the charitable aspect out of it. Why would the bank (like any other business) deny itself the ability to make every single dollar that it could? It seems that it would actually be in the bank's interests to loan to every single piece of meat that walks into the door.

    EDIT: For it to be fraudulent, we would have to possess the actual day and time of the rapture. We profess that it will happen, we don't profess when. "Soon" can be implied in a number of ways. A well-rounded Christian individual would have no reason to insist upon the rapture taking place in his lifetime. So, for as many Christians have lived since banks were invented, I would have to assume that many Christians have kept their word in paying their debts. That isn't to say all have. Are you implying that if an honest person gets killed before completing his payments, that he has also lied to the bank? Seeing that the deceased probably had no control over his sudden departure, it has to be pretty obvious that the loan would have no choice but to default, by no fault or control of the bank or the client. I see the rapture as being a similar occasion.

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    Because they don't believe. A bank is not a person, but a business entity. Institutions do not generally believe in religion, except of course those which are created for the purpose.

    If a bank was created by a religious organization, I suppose they would expect to be raptured themselves, and not be concerned about the financial chaos that would be left behind.

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    First of all why would it matter to anyone.

    The banks are losing money with loans now, before the rapture.

    Jesus said to do business until I come.

    He wants the world to continue to prosper and live until his coming.

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    Banks are about "betting" on financial situations. They are not about any faith.

    If the rapture takes place, even the atheists will be effected.

    The bank can not afford to think about this.

    Economic meltdown would happen.........(are you paying attention) on a large scale.

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    At the time when one is taken and one is left happens, I guarantee you that it won't matter about a bank loan, a bank or anything else.

    All things will be in chaos and I'm betting there won't be anybody worried about a bank loan.

    Be Blessed:-)

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    a frog goes into a bank and asks for a personal loan of $10K. he is directed to speak to the loans manager, patricia wak. patricia takes the frog's personal information and then asks what he can provide as collateral. the frog places a small plastic leprechaun on the desk as a reply. patricia protests that the little item is not acceptable and the frog gets angry. he tells ms. wak that he is the son of mick jagger, one of the famous rolling stones. patricia just laughs, so the frog asks to speak to the bank manager. the bank manager calls the frog into his office. then the manager comes out and tells patricia to give the frog the money. she is astounded - and shows the manager the plastic leprechaun that the frog is using for collateral. the bank manager frowns at her and says, "it's a knick-knack, patty wak, give the frog a loan. his old man's a rolling stone...."

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    Because if the Rapture happened they could still take all their stuff.

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    religion should have nothing to do with money unless you are turning over the tables of the money changers in isreal

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    They are playing the odds that the Christian will still be around.

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