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Who'll be the Opening Day Catcher in Boston?

Ivan (Pudge) Rodriguez, Miguel Montero, Jason Varitek, Johnny Estrada, other?

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  • Bryan
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    Other, I believe they will trade for Jarrod Saltalamacchia.

    Source(s): Excuse me if I spelt his name wrong.
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    Now that the Yankees have taken Kevin Cash from the Red Sox I see not many choices for the Red Sox.

    The Sox and Cubs are having the same dilemma. They need a Catcher. The Cubs' situation is not so bad since we do have Geo but everyone knows that the Catcher position is a very tiring one and that he needs a day off every now and then. Koyie Hill seems to be the solution to that problem.

    As far as the Red Sox go, their options are down to this:

    Brad Ausmus (40)

    Paul Bako (37)

    Josh Bard (31)

    Michael Barrett (32)

    Gary Bennett (37)

    Henry Blanco (37)

    Johnny Estrada (33)

    Sal Fasano (37)

    Toby Hall (33)

    Robby Hammock (32)

    Paul Lo Duca (37)

    Adam Melhuse (37)

    Ivan Rodriguez (37)

    Javier Valentin (33)

    Jason Varitek (37)

    Vance Wilson (36)

    Gregg Zaun (38)

    If I were Theo Epstein I would go to San Francisco and talk to their GM about trading for Rookie Pablo Sandoval. He seems to have a very bright future and might the next NL ROY.

    Edit: If Epstein wants a young player to sign for a while I suggest these guys:

    Jarrod Saltalamacchia (23) Texas

    Kurt Suzuki (25) Oakland

    Ronny Paulino* (27) Philadelphia

    Chris Iannetta (25) Colorado

    Ryan Hannigan (28) Cincinnati

    *[Highly unlikely since he was just traded]

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    In this order of likelihood

    1. Jason Varitek

    2. Jarrod Saltalamacchia

    3. Miguel Montero

    4. George Kottaras

    5. An old catcher on the market

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    Random names out there but...

    My guess is 'Tek. He'll sign a 1 or 2 year deal after Boras drags out his negotiations. Secondly, a trade with Texas for one of their several good young catchers.

    My wish would be a trade for Joe Mauer, as he would be a great player for the future.

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  • Greta
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    1 decade ago

    Maybe I'm being optimistic cause Jason Varitek is my favorite player...but I still think it's gonna be him.

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    i would bet on varitek.

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    how about jose

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