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2000 bmw 323i e46 doesnt beep when locked?

is there a way to make my 2000 323i beep or flash lights or something when locked or unlocked because its hard to tell if it is locked or not the car currently doesnt make any beep or flash lights im not sure if this is only my car or all cars do that but mine definitely doesnt make any noise or flashes when locked or unlocked is there a way to make the car do it


i kno it might be broken but how do i fix it or make it work and pointing it at my face only makes my face blink

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    it's broken for sure

  • Kendra
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    you have a few options here. you can buy the BMW synthetic 5w-30 from the dealership. It should cost about $6/qt and you'll need 7 bottles. the non-dealer option is to use a BMW Longlife approved motor oil. there aren't that many of them, but the ones i know of in the US market (i don't know where you're located) are: - Mobil1 0w-40 (BMW-Longlife-2001) - Castrol Syntec 0w-30 (BMW-Longlife-2001) - Valvoline Synpower 5w-40 (BMW-Longlife-2004) It is important to use one of the above oils or at least one with an ACEA A3 rating, so there's more to it than just having the right viscosity/oil weight. this ratings insure that the oil will continue to protect the engine under extended use, especially for long oil change intervals as suggested by BMW. personally, i do oil changes every 7500 miles. and I use any of the 3 oils listed above based on what I can find at my local stores.

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    Well an E46 did not come with an alarm. The car does come with key-less entry. You will have to purchase a factory alarm system. When they install it they will ask you if you want the lights to blink and if you want it to beep. Sorry to say, but this is the only way to make this happen.

    Source(s): 12 working with BMW
  • AXG
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    If you have an alarm take it to the dealer and get them to activate the audible note on doors locking actually even if you don't have an alarm you can still have them activate the audible beep on locking and unlocking can be done.also check out this link on hints and tricks all about your car.good luck.that activation should take no more than 10 minutes so don;t let the dealer fool you into something that cost alot of money.

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    Your remote locking module's connection to the flashers might have gone bad... if there's a fuse, it might have blown.

    Or you might need to change out the remote lock module...

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    You are screwed $$$ if you don’t know how to maintain a BMW then just ride a bike.

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    323i E46

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    try pointing it in your mouth and see if it beeps

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