what does hp means in a compressor?

i want to buy a compressor so i can airbrush shirt and that kind of stuff but dont know what to get

which on is better a 1/8 HP, 30 PSI, Compressor or a 1/5 HP, 100 PSI

what does the hp means? what does the PSI means?

please help

p.s. if any suggestions on any other compressor please post

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    PSI- Pounds per square inch

    1/5 at 100 has more air pressure. (PSI)

    For paint, an oilless compressor is your best bet. It has a dry sump basically so there is no oil carryover to the air lines fouling your paint.

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    From a practical standpoint, hp doesn't mean anything. It's a measure of how much energy the compressor consumes. You don't care about that.

    What you care about is how much volume of air the compressor can pump, and whether it generates enough pressure to do what you want to do. psi is a measure of pressure, pounds per square inch.

    For airbrushing, you don't need much air at all. The 1/8 hp compressor would probably do that.

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    if your going to b airbrushing you want something with a big tank and an adjustable pressure you can do yourself..get something with a 20 gallon tank..airbrushing uses constant air every second you use it..so getting a compressor with a 20 gal and something you can crank up to 200psi is something youll look for and you can get craftsman ones for about 99-200...for good ones

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    Daniel is right. Also what is very important is how much gallons of air per minute it can put out.

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    Dan is right

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