How might a philosopher contribute to a debate over the legalization of physician assisted suicide?

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    1 decade ago
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    A doctor is trained to look at the body and see health issues. An Ethicist, (hopefully,) is trained to look at the situation and see potential moral consequences.

    If I am for assisted suicide, how do I prevent family members from influencing the person for monetary gain? Or doctors influencing AGAINST the procedure for monetary gain? These are not questions asked by a lawyer or an accountant or a doctor. They are asked by a philosopher.

    Another example: What if I am just helping you do your homework? If I were a clever philosopher I would include fallacies in my argument to make this useless to you as homework. Or at least I would invest you with doubt.

    A lawyer wouldn't be concerned with unintentionally helping you. He would just want to send a bill.

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    Happy Hiram> aka < Hannibal Lector

    Philosopher could contribute many ideas and put different spins on the whole situation. But wouldn't have any real impact in a supreme court, b/c judge would most likely throw out their testimony as being not qualified.

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