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How do i lose weight? ik.hfv,gjhbnm.b ?

i am a 13 year old girl, and my new years resolution is to stay fit, and maybe get abs. How do i do that, how i should eat differently?

Please Help,

Thank You.

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    Meee toooooo :) im 13 and have the same new years resolution :P

    Well what im going to do iss:

    Swap chocolate for fruit.

    Swap juice for water.

    and im going to do atleast 30 sit-ups a day.

    and i will eat healthy

    i will do lots of excersice

    and i will just try as hard as i can :)

    I hope you stick to it. i hope i can too :P

    Bye ox.

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    track is a good way to go.

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