How do I fix the lag from my PS3 on my hi deff tv?

I just got an lcd tv for christmas and my ps3 lags. how do i fix that?

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    1 decade ago
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    1. Connect your PS3 using HDMI Input 2.

    2. SELECT or RENAME the HDMI Input to PC.

    3. On the PS3 start-up menu go to Settings---> Display ---->

    Choose HDMI ----> DO NOT choose AUTOMATIC ----> SELECT CUSTOM ----->

    4. Now, Select all the Resolution options EXCEPT 720p. This will force your games into 1080p mode.

    5. Save and complete the display setup.

    6. Turn off the PS3. Turn off the TV.

    7. Turn on the TV. Turn on the PS3.

    8. Complete! (Lag eliminated). Please spread this around!

    *The key to eliminating ALL LAG is modern LCD's need to be in PC MODE (NOT GAME MODE) and the Source MUST BE IN 1080p so that the TV can use it's NATIVE RESOLUTION.*

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Use an other TV or go buy an extra cable for lcd to conect with ps3.

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