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How do I not let "small/flat boobs" comments get to me?

I'm between an A cup and a B cup but I don't really care about my chest size. It just doesn't bother me. But when I know people, especially guys, are making comments within earshot or behind my back about my chest, that's the thing that bothers me. I already know my breasts are technically small but like I said I don't really care. How do I not let comments about my chest size get to me?

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    Let you in on a secret - big boobs/small boobs is like coke versus pepsi. If pressed, men will state a preference, but in truth will cheerfully take whatevers on tap. If they're making comments within earshot its because they want to knock you down a peg or two - its like when people call slim athletic women skeletons or skinny bitches. Probably because you aren't sleeping with them...

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    If you are happy with yourself, don't worry about it. People will pick flaws with everyone, (not saying small breasts are a flaw). As long as you are happy with yourself don't worry about it. Look at Debra Messing (Grace from Will and Grace), she has small breasts, but is happy with what she's got, nothing to worry about. Not all guys care about the size of them!

    Merry Christmas.

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    I'm an A and I can fit into an AA still AND I'm 14.

    If you don't care, then you shouldn't worry what they are saying.

    Just live through it and you know what, big breasts isn't everything.

    Source(s): AA - A and i`m proud.
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    omg DO NOT let stupid immature boys get u down! def just walk with confidence and act like u dont care at all because that is the best way to show how much cooler u r

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    Dont listen to them

    There is nothing bad about having small boobs. Small boobs are perky and sexy and I think are better then really big boobs

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    Look at all of the most popular women on tv or the movies and most of them are really flat.

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    just ignore them

    from what i heard i think ur a teenager bout 14-16?? i guess

    but dont worry when ur in college or higher boys will like u why who u are.. right know they are just plain stupid/

    Dont worry i have a friend that is 15 and she is AA and she feels secure and just ignores the comments

    answer mine pleaseee;_ylt=AtS0z...

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    Guys only say things like that because they are insecure with themselves.

    Just be secure with yourself, which you seem to be already. Who cares what stupid guys think or say about your chest.

    The right guy wont care what size they are.

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    i say just flaunt what you have.

    make people jelous of the confidence you have

    and dont let them see you down.

    • Nna Chi6 years agoReport

      But what if you have barely anything to flaunt at the age of 18 (that's my age and when people guess it they sat 9 so I look super young, have small breasts and butt and don't feel like a female at all)

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