dell mini 12 memory question?

can you upgrade the memory on the dell mini 12?

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    1 decade ago
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    amad is wrong !

    I checked on Dell's own web site for the mini 12 in the Featured Systems, Overview and Tech Specs sections @

    You can change the color, the processor and add some peripherals but the RAM is limited to 1 GB (It is listed as onboard so it is not even a soDIMM, it is probably hardwired (soldered) to the motherboard) and there is no internal CD/DVD drive.

    In the Customer Ratings section @ the same link, you can see pros & cons.

    A sampling of the cons gives us this:

    1) NEED MORE MEMORY! I can understand Dell is trying to keep item compact. However, if they want to compete with MAC and HP they need to come up with more memory options, better processor.

    2) The memory option is far too limited for the OS Dell's decided to use on this model. Ordinary functions take a while to perform and the start and shut down are brutally slow in comparison to most notebooks. Excellent idea, not so good execution.

    3) No CD drive (but that is easy to add) pretty much it when you use Ubuntu or even XP

    Well here we have it, I hope this helps guide you.


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    Source(s): Links listed and experience (25 years + on computers, 8 years + on the internet and 3 years + as a buyer for Government before retiring in 2007)
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    4 years ago

    Hp computers do no longer final, costumer helps is infrequently help. greater like yell, scream, and cuss for them to grant you help. Dell because of the fact their products are meant to final and easily have help.

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    yes duhh

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